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App Prototyping

This process will be adapted to suit specific ideas

How to commercialise a Mobile Application

Typically, it can cost between £50,000 and £100,000 to fully develop an app, but at Innovate we have taylor-made solutions that can suit your budget.

A Prototype App is a cost-effective way to visually demonstrate your concept, get people excited and get interest. This can then be used to pitch your idea to industry/potential investors and/or acquire costings to develop the software.  Most companies would expect this stage at least to have been completed before discussing your idea with a view to commercialising. (See our example above).

The next stage involves coding and developing the app so you can launch it on Apple or Google  ready to be downloaded by customers.

We can review your app concept free of charge and give you the best options to commercialise it, under confidentiality agreement. Submit your idea here

Can I patent an App?

To find out how to protect a mobile application, please visit Can I patent an app

Innovate have options for you. Submit your idea to us for a free review here. Totally confidential