The Project Baggee™is a flexible, hollow rubber ball, attached to a key chain which allows the storage of carrier bags or dog waste bags. “What amazed us was how lifelike the images were; from only having our preliminary sketches we now could really see how the product was going to look. Having absolutely no idea about how to go about this initially, Innovate were very helpful in filling in this vacuum!”

Client: Jaq Croft


Baggee™ has a patent pending and is a registered design and trademark in the USA, Canada and Europe.

The problem or challenge

The idea for Baggee™ came about from Jaq Croft never having carrier bags and dog waste bags with her, or anywhere to put them after use.

The Innovate Solution

Jaq approached Innovate originally in 2008 with a simple idea, but no idea how to develop or protect it. After having completed a patent search to establish how unique Jaq’s idea was, the project proceeded onto the design stage in order to turn the idea in Jaq’s head into a more thoroughly thought through concept. Working together to understand and develop the idea, the project developed to the point where Jaq was able to protect her idea and begin looking for manufacturers to help develop and take this product to market.

The Process

Innovate worked alongside Jaq to:

  • Establish a potential market for the idea
  • Isolate the unique aspects of the idea via an intellectual property search
  • UseInnovate’sproduct design team to visualise her product in the most commercially suitable way
  • Produce photorealistic CAD visualisations to help to market the product
  • Advise as to suitable routes for protection
  • Assist with finding the most suitable routes to market and offer ongoing support once the Baggee™ was launched

The Results

Since launching the product, Baggee™ has gone from strength to strength. The product is on the market, as is its sister product Doggee™ and is selling through their online store, as well as popular international retailer Marks And Spencer. The product has also produced branded items for The Kennel Club, Crufts, and The Dogs Trust.