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Adam Ringshall’s journey from a personal trainer to an innovative entrepreneur demonstrates his determination and creativity. His invention, Air Ropes, brings the benefits of battle ropes to a portable and space-efficient format.

The lightbulb moment of  Air Ropes

Adam’s inspiration for Air Ropes came during a transitional period. During COVID-19, his gym was closed, and his wife was pregnant; Adam was open to new ideas. As an experienced personal trainer, he recognised the effectiveness of battle ropes but was aware of the limitations posed by their size and the required space. This led to a lightbulb moment: creating a portable version of battle ropes that could offer the same benefits without needing large spaces.

The Development Journey

With a clear vision but no engineering background, Adam started by sketching his ideas and experimenting with materials from a local hardware store. However, he quickly realised that he needed professional help to turn his concept into a viable product. A simple Google search led him to Innovate, a company helping inventors bring their ideas to life.

Collaboration with Innovate

Innovate provided Adam with the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the process of product development. They assisted him through various stages, including:

  • Initial Research: Innovate conducted thorough research to ensure the uniqueness of Adam’s idea and to navigate any potential patent issues.
  • Design and Prototyping: The team at Innovate helped Adam refine his sketches into professional designs and develop prototypes. This stage involved multiple iterations and significant testing to ensure functionality and durability.
  • App Development:Through the connected app we developed, Adam is able to provide video training sessions to customers. The device’s embedded electronics send user performance data to the app in real-time, which the app then provides to users so they can track their fitness progress.
  • Production: Innovate facilitated the transition from prototype to production, managing the complexities of manufacturing and material sourcing.

Adam described Innovate’s role as invaluable, likening their guidance to having an experienced team in his corner, which was crucial for a solopreneur like him.

Overcoming Challenges

The path to creating Air Ropes was fraught with challenges. From unforeseen material issues to the intricacies of patenting and production, each stage presented its own set of obstacles. Adam faced these with resilience, supported by Innovate’s structured approach. The collaborative effort ensured that each problem was tackled methodically, paving the way for the successful launch of Air Ropes.

Highlights and Successes

One of the most significant moments for Adam was holding the first professional prototype developed by Innovate. Although it was a far cry from the final product, it represented a tangible manifestation of his vision. Subsequent prototypes brought him closer to a market-ready product.

The ultimate highlight came when the first batch of Air Ropes was manufactured and packaged, ready for sale. The positive feedback from early users was immensely gratifying for Adam, reaffirming the product’s potential to make a significant impact in the fitness industry.

Marketing and Future Plans

Adam has employed a strategic approach to marketing Air Ropes, leveraging his background in business and marketing. Initial efforts focused on digital ads through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which have started to gain traction. He has also participated in fitness expos to gather direct feedback and build brand awareness.

Looking ahead, Adam plans to expand his marketing efforts and explore new markets, including Europe and China, once the patent processes are finalised. The overwhelmingly positive response from users has fuelled his ambition to make Air Ropes a global fitness solution.


Adam Ringshall’s journey with Air Ropes is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. Innovate’s support was crucial in transforming Adam’s idea into a market-ready product. Their expertise not only streamlined the development process but also empowered Adam to overcome significant hurdles along the way. As Air Ropes continues to grow, it stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when visionary ideas meet expert execution.


“As soon as I came across Innovate, I knew that they were the perfect people for the project. Innovate was a massive asset along the process because of their experience, so they could guide you through what would have been a blindfolded pursuit otherwise” Adam Ringshall, inventor of Air Ropes

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