Case Study – The Hoddy Bucket

Case study: THE HODDY BUCKET – Reinventing the Tradesman’s Bucket

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Tradespeople need tools that last. THE HODDY BUCKET is a new type of bucket made to be stronger and more reliable than the usual ones that often break too quickly.

The Problem

The inventor of THE HODDY BUCKET faced a common frustration: bucket handles that snap off after just a week’s use. After buying a bucket that broke within minutes, the idea was sparked to create a bucket that could hold up to the tough demands of trade jobs.

The Solution

The innovation was simple but smart—a continuous steel ring to attach the bucket handle, rather than the weak points where handles are usually fixed. This idea aimed to make a bucket that could be trusted not to break when you need it most.

Developing the Idea

Creating THE HODDY BUCKET brought together clever design and manufacturing. The inventor connected with Innovate to design and prototype the concept. Instead of looking for big shops to sell the idea to, the inventor decided to make the buckets himself. This part was interesting—meeting companies and seeing how things are made, from shaping the plastic to bending and coating the wire.

The Result

Now, THE HODDY BUCKET is sold in shops and online, which is a proud achievement for the inventor. People can buy a bucket that won’t let them down. The inventor’s future plan is to make the whole bucket from start to finish in one place, which would make things simpler and possibly allow for making more products.


“I really valued the help and advice from Innovate. They were supportive and it made a difference, especially as we had to work out everything over Zoom calls during lockdown. Talking with the design team, like James, was very interesting and showed me what it takes to make a product come to life.”


THE HODDY BUCKET demonstrates how a clever idea, with the backing of professional support such as Innovate, can become a valuable tool for tradespeople. Innovate’s expertise in product development and innovation advice helped in turning a simple concept into a product.

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