Eazy Peel

Product website: https://butternuteazypeel.com/


Patent pending, a registered design, and the trademark of Eazy Peel is also registered in the UK.

Starting out

Eazy peel is a mains-powered electric vegetable peeler primarily aimed for the butternut squash but can be used for any other hard-skinned fruit and vegetables.

The idea originally came from the experience with slimming classes where the butternut squash is considered a “speed food” which accelerates weight loss.

Rachael was trying to resolve the fact that it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to peel a butternut squash and there were no peelers on the market that made it any easier.

In her design, she wanted to make sure that it would be helpful to everyone, including those with arthritic hands and fingers. The peeler consists of simple to use technology and a comfortable grip, meaning no hand pressure needs to be applied to the vegetable.

Working with Innovate Design

Rachael came to us at Innovate and discussed her idea and findings. We were then able to conduct a patent search, progress to multiple rounds of prototyping and detail design.

“After several years of working with Innovate Design from the initial brief to the final design, we built up a mutual understanding of the Butternut Squash Peeler and worked very well together to get this to fruition.  I have to thank Isaac particularly without whom it wouldn’t be in existence and his support team of Alex, Dan, Sam to name a few.  A dedicated team of people who were helpful and thorough in seeing my project through.”

Golden tips

There are always some challenges to overcome when inventing a new product and Rachael found financial restrictions were one to be aware of. It meant that she had to do more work herself through the project but this meant she acquired knowledge she can now use going forward in all aspects of business. Rachael has been a great example that you can get the outcome you want even if you may be limited on what you can spend.

“Just stick with it, follow your dream, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. If you have a passion for something and you believe strongly enough in it, then others will too”.

What’s next?

Rachael is currently designing attachments and accessories for the peeler so that there is a range of products available. Next year she is planning to expand with other culinary equipment, so keep your eyes peeled for new