Touch screen finger protector

Finge is a handy finger cover which avoids the need for direct contact with touch screens and keypads. It aims to help protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses like Covid-19. The product’s creator, Marie McDonnell, wanted to find a better solution to touch screen contamination than what she had seen on the market. “You can wear gloves, but this can be problematic as an individual user’s gloves will simply transfer germs, bacteria, or viruses eventually in the same way as hands and may not allow interaction with touchscreens. Alternatively, or additionally overuse of antibacterial or handwashing can be detrimental to society.”

Finge stores the finger cover in a pot to help prevent the spread of any harmful substances until the cover can be cleaned. The cover is conductive so it is compatible with most touch screens. The pot is added to a retractable lanyard to help you remember to bring it with you and avoid losing it.

Working with Innovate Design

During development, the Coronavirus pandemic began and the need for the product became even more pressing. Marie started working with Innovate Design who helped her to develop the idea and apply for a patent. “Innovate was instrumental in getting this started. The drawings brought the idea to life and technical drawings allowed us to go to manufacturers to quote and produce prototypes. [They also] prepared documents required to submit our patent application”. As the Covid-19 pandemic rolls on it appears that demand for better hygiene practices in public spaces is increasing. Innovate is proud to have helped Marie to develop her product and we hope it will help prevent customers from becoming seriously ill from touch screens.

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