GG Mascot

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 GG Mascot is an animal collar with healing stones embedded. Stéphanie has two great passions and has been able to combine them in her profession. She is a litho-certified animal therapist and has a love for animals. Her idea is to use lithotherapy (healing with stones) in her design of collars for animals. She will advise you and select stones according to the pathology of your pet  (dogs and cats).

It is an idea for animal welfare and allows harmony between animals and their owners.

Stéphanie wanted to find an original, practical and innovative idea to make a ‘healing’ collar worn by dogs and cats. The principle had to be practical, not to disturb the animal and also aesthetic. She had in mind a collar where the stones could be either fixed or interchangeable.

Innovate Design worked on the visual presentation and design of the collar. It was necessary to find a solution for the stone fastening system, which had to be secure and not disturb the animal.  At the same time, we advised Stephanie on protection and worked on the drafting of the patent.

This was filed by Stéphanie at the INPI  in January 2021 and very quickly the product available to the public.

It is a magnificent project in which Stéphanie believed in 100%,  and even if she admits to having met joyful moments punctuated by moments of doubt, she has never given up and she definitely does not regret having started.

Stéphanie is now very proud of her product and her future goal is to make this unique collar known to lovers of dogs and cats around the world.

What Stéphanie says about Innovate

“From the beginning to the end of my project, I was followed, guided by a great advisor, very friendly, very professional and extremely  patient. I thank the team of designers for their ingenious ideas, great advice and the first prototype of GGMascot! I felt listened to throughout this journey. I highly recommend Innovate Design for their continuous support!

You don’t change a winning team! »