Petit en Suite

Case study: Petit en Suite

Client: Alison Toole


“Petit en suite” is a pop up infant toilet training system which allows for the toddler to have the privacy while toilet training. The print on the tent presents familiar visuals to the child and thereby helps to reduce the relapse rate when introduced to the larger bathroom. “petit en suite” is also a fab little accessory to use as an alternative to Portaloos at family festivals, camping, beaches & remote picnic areas (use disposable potty liners for the waste disposal on the go )  and can be used as a changing cubicle at such events. It is not only a toilet training item but great hygienic alternative to outdoor toilets. “Petit en suite” has a registered design in 27 countries, and a product of Simple Little Creations©

The Project

There were four main problems with potty training which needed to be addressed. First there was the privacy issue. Children have the tendency to hide behind tables, chairs, curtains, etc. when potty training. When Children are exposed, they get embarrassed and the process is slower. Secondly, the potty training process was not creative enough to keep the child’s interest. Third, when in public training was not consistent as the restrooms and the environments changed. Finally, the comfort of the child potty training was not to a level that made potty training “fun” and engaging. The project was to create a space that was both functional as well as entertaining to a degree for the child. As this would be a mean of potty training, it was essential that the space allowed ample room for sitting and standing, as well as familiar aesthetics.

The Process

The process started with a home design, but little was known on how to take the idea further. After watching on television “This Morning” where Innovate showcased various products that the company has brought to the market, “Petit en suite” brought them on board. Innovate first did a worldwide patent search to see if the idea was original and helped with the design. As with any innovation, Alison registered the design in numerous countries and trademarked her logo. “After the product was developed, I became a member of the Leeds inventors group, applied for an innovation grant, contacted my local Huddersfield University to help with a prototype and CAD designs.”

The Results

“Petit en Suite” offers their products on line at . The current selection offers both a girl and a boy pop up tent with either a blue or a pink travel potty. To maximise exposure and SEO for the site, “Petit en Suite” has also implemented a blog about the company and focused on social media awareness of the product. In the future, the business hopes to expand their product to a global market.


“It has been an incredible journey so far, I have met some fantastic inspiring people, and proud of the things I have learnt along the way. I am pleased with the progress made so far which hopefully is to be continued….” “I cannot recommend Innovate enough. They were extremely professional and experienced in all areas of the process. They even have an in house patent drafting facility which is useful for those who want to start the process straight away. Most importantly they instruct an initial assessment and provide their honest opinion on whether they feel your product has scope/position in the market. To avoid spending unnecessary cost it’s, better to know this in the beginning, no matter how disappointing that is.” If you like more information on how to commercialise a new product idea, request the Free Info Pack