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SHOCKS Fitness System:

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SHOCKS has UK patent 14th October 2016

What is SHOCKS Fitness System?

It’s a multi Muscle Apparatus Training System (MATS) which can be used anywhere. Centred around Nordic walking, it can promote cardio fitness and is great for improving balance, posture and co-ordination and is designed to be used by professionals as well as amateur fitness fanatics. The system comes with various component including boots, poles and bands which can all be used separately, indoors or outdoors.

The Process

Tug Wilson is a fitness instructor and experienced Nordic walker who also works as a paramedic. His aim was to improve the popularity of Nordic walking and general fitness and the idea of the SHOCKS Fitness System came to him when he was just finishing off a beamfit class. He believes it will help improve fitness levels for those who use poles and get people into Nordic walking.

His main challenge was to initial others of the benefits of Nordic walking and how his system could help develop their fitness in an enjoyable way. Innovate help Tug to applied for patent and supply him with presentation boards using CAD modelling software. The initial challenge was developing the entire idea through to the full product. Tug initially looked at getting a licensing deal but had a bad experience with the company he chose to consider it. He started with the LESU boots which he had manufactured through a Chinese company called Seine Composite. He found them by asking around if anyone knew a manufacturer who could help him get to market. Since producing the first batch of boots, he is now working on the prototype of the walking poles. As with most inventors with a new product, getting funding has been the biggest problem and has delayed the process of manufacturing and getting to market. Another issue was finding a retailer to sell the boots that had already been made.

Tug is a partner provider with Nordic Walking UK who are the leading authority on all things to do with the sport in UK and they are now the retailers of the Lesu boot in their online store.

What’s Next?

Tug would like to get the rest of the product to the manufacturing stage and sell the units across the world. At the moment, he is looking at ways to promote the LESU boot to countries such as America, Canada and Australia. Once the manufacturing has been developed, he is intending to go on Dragon’s Den and pitch his idea in the hope of getting more funding to push the project forward.

When he was asked what tips he would give to other inventors, hoping to develop a product idea, Tug Wilson says: “You should look for all the advice you can get and don’t have blinkers on. You need to maintain your enthusiasm for your product, even if those around you are cool towards it, and try to do something towards developing your idea each day. Using the right tools is important. When I went to Innovate, I was pleased with the level of communication. The display boards they helped develop are excellent and have been used numerous times to explain the product.”

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