JACS (Junior Adaptive Baby Carrier) Case study

JACS (Junior Adaptive Carrier System) Case study

Client: Scott Haslam

Product website www.jacs-babycarrier.com

Facebook name: jacsbabycarrier

Twitter name: jacsbabycarrier

JACS Junior Adaptive Baby Carrier has UK Patent Pending and European Community Registered Designs granted. UK Trademark granted.

The Project:

This JACS is a modular and adaptable soft structured baby carrying system designed for dads (although Mums can use it too!), that has more uses than simply carrying a baby. It comes complete with a variety of equipment carrying components, including an attachable backpack, allowing for up to 8 different configuration options. The idea was developed after Scott’s own experiences and near comical disasters with his new born son when travelling through Gatwick airport, he realised that there was a real void in the market for a carrier system that didn’t mean you had to tangle yourself up by carrying an additional man bag (or flowery changing bag) to hold nappies, bottles and all of the other things needed when travelling with a baby or toddler.

The Process

After doing his own research and not being able to find a versatile product on the market, he approached Innovate Product Design to help with design visualisation and patenting his new idea. After his process with Innovate, Scott sourced a specialist manufacturer of bespoke military webbing equipment to produce a number of working prototypes. He then secured initial start-up funding via X-Forces.com and sourced a volume manufacturer. Working closely with his volume manufacturer to produce samples, and further refine the design, the final version was then submitted for safety testing – passing with flying colours.

Since then…

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, JACS are available to buy on their website in many different ranges with accessories.


“I found the whole process with Innovate Design very smooth, from start to finish. It was refreshing to work with a team that had a clear grasp of the product concept from the outset, and who were able to get on board straight away. The turnaround time for generating high quality concept and design imagery was much quicker than expected, enabling me to move forward and focus on follow on activities” Scott Haslam