Kiddies Ladder Lock

Product name: Kiddies Ladder Lock

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Kiddies Ladder Lock is a child safety product used to restrict access to bunk bed ladders and most forms of ladders.

Starting out 

Sulaimon Agboluaje was inspired to create this product when his young children at the time kept climbing up bunk beds and then struggled to get back down. This product was designed to solve the problem of children potentially getting hurt and to give parents some peace of mind when their children are playing.

During his research process, he found a product that was available in the US but was very expensive and the design wouldn’t work for his type of bunk bed. From there, Sulaimon used a sheet of trampoline, some straps and buckles and sowed a cover creating his own design that would work for his type of ladder. Through trial and error he then decided to go to Innovate Design in order for him to get his product perfected and get it to manufacture.


The main challenge he faced while developing his idea was validating the product idea, getting proof of concept and finding a manufacturer. Innovate Design helped with the process from start to finish from idea to design, to samples and prototypes and also finding a manufacturer. 

“Olivia from Innovate Design made the process a lot easier from the start by helping me find different manufacturers and then I picked one from the provided quotes.”

Sulaimon was able to learn a lot from dealing with manufacturing companies, the process itself as well as costing, shipping and logistics. Kiddies Ladder Lock is currently on the market and available in the UK with the future goal to sell all over the world.

“The highlight of the process was getting the design and sample product right and making my first sales.”



Olivia, Michael and Siobhan helped me throughout the process from idea validation to first prototype design and then to the final design. Also helping with sourcing the manufacturer, producing the technical pack and also help on patent application.