Noodle Nudges Case Study

Product name: Noodle Nudges

Product protection in place: Trademark

Product website:

Noodle Nudges is a card game designed to stimulate conversation, aid memory recall, improve knowledge, and above all to have fun with.

The Background

Inventor of Noodle Nudges, Annie Miller, was trying to think of simple activities to do with her ‘mam’, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, to keep her mind active and stimulated when she had the ‘light bulb’ moment. Noodle Nudges is a game of completing proverbs. Annie has perfected the balance of simple and fun in this game of matching last words to well-known sayings. Annie explained that her main challenge was figuring out where and how she could develop this idea she had, as is the same with so many other inventors. She found Innovate first, requested an information pack and posted her idea back within a few weeks.

How it played out

Annie visited Innovate’s Salisbury Studio soon after to talk through her idea with a designer who could bring the game to life. “I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would receive to my idea, but Lydia and Olivia were so enthusiastic and encouraging and helped me to envisage what it could become.” We love having face to face meetings with inventors, either online or in person. It’s a great way to get to know each other and the idea better. It’s also a great place to throw ideas around on how design will work or maybe add to the invention. “They advised, designed, gave me ideas about target audiences, and produced the game.” Innovate produced Annie with a Production Prototype of Noodle Nudges. “The end product, with new ideas from Innovate, was way beyond my expectations!  I was thrilled with it.” Annie went from posting her handwritten idea to manufacturing her own game in under 6 months, all self-funded without the need to seek funding. “I couldn’t have begun to try and design this on my own, so the cost was worth it to me.” Annie went straight from Innovate to the government website to apply for her Trademark, which is now granted. Annie had her website designed and also got in touch with a game manufacturer who put it into production, just weeks after finalising the design with Innovate.

What next?

Annie is in the process of developing other editions of Noodle Nudges. “It has been so worth the journey. I hope to see Noodle Nudges blossom and hopefully bring a little sunshine to rainy afternoons at home, educate our youngsters and brighten up time spent in care settings.” Within 5 days of launching, Noodle nudges had over 800 likes on social media and orders coming through. Biggest success so far? “Someone I don’t know has ordered one!  That means a lot.” One of the best feelings for any inventor! We loved working with Annie, and we think she liked working with us too!

“To anyone out there who is thinking of embarking on developing their idea.  If you believe in your idea and think it could have an impact on even a few people, then chances are it could have an impact on many.  Seek advice from Innovate, they will ease your mind. Thank you to you all, from me appearing with my little cardboard box covered in paper, a very happy customer”.

If, like Annie, have an idea but not sure what to do next, send your idea in today for a free review.