pipeEASY Case Study

Product Name: The pipeEasy tool

Product Protection:

Patent pending since 14th June 2018 UK, priority claimed from previous date for international and European patent. pipeEASY: Trademarked. pipeEASY logo and slogan: pending in trademark journal

Product Website: www.pipeeasy.com

The pipeEASY tool helps its user cut around any size pipes, posts or pillars protruding from either floors, walls or ceilings with 100% accuracy. Our client Teirnan Mccorkell, has had quite the experience with his invention pipeEASY, from having a bright idea in his day job as a flooring installer to charming the country (and an investor) on the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den.

It started with the frustration in his day job at cutting flooring neatly around pipes, and not leaving any gaps. One day, he was working for a very particular client, and perfectionist Teirnan settled for nothing less than exact. He measured open ended radiator pipes and cut around them for a perfect fit. He thought after ‘what would have happened if the radiators had of been connected?’ This was the start of the pipeEASY idea as Teirnan thought of ways you could easily achieve hole-cutting perfection! After some time, he searched how to develop an Invention, and found Innovate.

This was the start of the great relationship he had with Innovate, especially with his client manager, Frank, and the designers. Innovate provided him with a visual representation of his product, which is an affordable and professional approach to present ideas to investors or manufacturers. After his patent application was filed and prototypes made, he went on to apply for Dragon’s den.. something he never expected to be invited onto! A whirlwind later, he is stood in front of the Dragon’s securing the investment of £40,000 from crafting mogul Sara Davis (read about the episode here!) He charmed the country with his laid-back approach and likeable character, and caused a buzz on social media.

We asked Teirnan if the process had been worth it.

“Yes! Had I not have contacted Innovate it would have just been a pipe line dream (no pun intended). The process with Innovate has given me the drive to pursue more of my ideas in the very near future and I will use Innovate again most definitely.

We also asked for some Teirnan wisdom for other inventors, and we love this:

“Gollum syndrome is an inventors disease I believe truly exists (keeping your idea a secret). I have met so many inventors on my journey that are still working on an idea for decades or longer. If you keep on thinking “my precious” you’ll never progress! You have to share your idea to progress and I found Innovate secure in this area!”

We are so excited to see what heights Teirnan, Sara and pipeEASY reach, stay tuned into his success through social media!