See Clear Visual Aid Thermostat Sticker

Case Study: See Clear Visual Aid Thermostat Sticker

Client: Adam Kenny



The Project

See Clear is a visual aid sticker which is applied directly onto the face of a thermostat. Incorporating an embossed element, it is an ideal product for the elderly, blind and partially sighted.

The Process

As a heating engineer, Adam was constantly getting called to properties with tenants complaining that the heating wasn’t working, only to find out that the temperature on the thermostat simply needed adjusting. The elderly in particular were struggling to see the numbers on the dials, therefore often didn’t have the temperature high enough. Adam’s lightbulb moment happened at a tenant’s property when he noticed that she had drawn the markings onto her thermostat. That was when he thought it would be really helpful if there was a product available to overcome this problem. After much research it turned out that there was nothing available on the market. That’s when he approached Innovate. “I thought that it was a simple idea which could make a difference. There was nothing else out there.” Innovate then conducted a patent search and went on to design the product and provide Adam with presentation materials. Once happy with the look, he applied for a registered design.

Getting it off the ground

Adam knew the hard work would start here. He searched for printers who could manufacture stickers with embossed features, and approached them directly. After sourcing a printer, they explored several designs and prototypes to make sure that they met the needs of the customer including consulting the RNIB to ensure the pantones were suitable for the colour blind. He then had to design the packaging and have barcodes produced and added. Adam made sure he was always leading the process. “I researched printers; speaking to them directly and in person meant that I was in control throughout.”

The Results

Adam has been featured in several magazines and has sold See Clear to councils. He is hoping to get more publicity and get on the shelves of retailers such as B&Q, Wicks and Homebase. Adam advises: “If you believe that your idea is a good one, persevere with it. I am pleased with the design and feel that I have a great aid for the elderly, blind and partially sighted.” “I liked the professionalism of the team at Innovate Product Design. They listened to my concept and helped guide me in the right direction when developing it.” For more information on taking an invention to market request the Free Info Pack- Inventing for Profit