Product name: Snappyhatz

Protection in place: Registered Design (OHIM), Registered Trade Mark


Twitter: @snappyhatz

Mother and daughter Anne and Jennifer came to Innovate with an idea relating to children’s rain hats. Not only had they noticed that there was a very limited choice of colourful rain hats for children, they discovered a gap in the market and jumped at the opportunity.

These ladies are a perfect example of no matter how simple an idea is, if there is a gap in the market for it, you could be onto something great.

Snappyhatz are children’s rain hats in various colours and sizes with interchangeable badges with different designs, and like most ideas… started with a scribble on some scrap paper.

The pair from Llanfairfechan in Wales approached Innovate and got the process started quickly.

Anne and Jennifer wanted to produce a visual representation of the idea they had. Innovate worked with them to produce presentation boards that could be used to showcase their idea in order to develop and grow their business.

A patent is not the only protection that you can aim for. Together with Innovate, Anne and Jennifer decided that a Registered Design would be best to protect their unique hat with interchangeable badges idea. They went on to secure this as well as a Trademark.

The family business decided to tackle the industry and go it alone through self-manufacture. This ensured that they would keep all profits made and have control of how their business is run and how the product evolves. This undoubtedly means hard work and perseverance, something that both ladies were more than ready to give 100% to. Once ready, they started a cottage industry. This means that they manufacture and distribute from their own home which comes with many advantages (The big one? Saving money!).

An important aspect to the pair in this process was research. They attended fairs and trade shows across the country to see what kind of competition was out there.

They also used the resources provided by Innovate to approach various places such as milliners to help develop the product further. They attended free courses and workshops to develop their knowledge of websites and branding.

After creating a unique sewing pattern, trialing different materials to make it just right, and having badges specifically designed for their hats, Anne and Jennifer had given their all to a product they believed in. The website and company were officially launched in November 2018.

Whilst still in the early stages of their business, they both have big ideas for Snappyhatz. They are always aiming to improve, so they are looking to grow their marketing strategy in order to sell more and reach their target audience even better. They also are keen to break into the festival scene, so look out for them on your summer breaks!

Throughout the process, Anne and Jennifer stayed in full-time work, proving that you don’t have to put your life on hold to do something great and follow and passion.

Jenny offers advice to other inventors in the position that she was in: “Don’t be afraid to make mistake and have faith in your product.”

We couldn’t have said it better. For more information on how you can develop your idea, request a free information pack today.