Wearable Mobile Case

Product name: Wearable Mobile

Protection: Patent Pending, Trademark

The Idea

The wearable mobile is a  Leather multi wear phone case with ERM protection especially aimed at the medical professional. Linda Little is a Clinical Nurse Specialist & Transplant Coordinator in a busy Haemato-Oncology Unit. She and her colleagues use their mobile phones at all times for patient & colleague contact as well as a clinical source. She needed something to solve the problem of dropping, losing or leaving a phone behind whilst constantly on the move.

The Process

She came to Innovate with an idea for a wearable phone case that she could attach to clothing or wear on a lanyard; with medical professionals in mind, to be a part of the uniform as a pager used to be. She also considered the health implications of having a mobile phone close to you at all times, and wanted to explore the protection the phone case could offer aswell. Innovate carried out patent research and drafted her patent application. She also had her idea designed into a virtual prototype and presentation boards, so she could use these designs to present her product to potential investors or partners. It was in this stage that Innovate designed the copper mesh layer that is inside the case. This layer dampens radio waves to shield the wearer form EMR waves and heat radiation. It does this without obstructing connectivity and signal strength. It helps to keep you safe – and also protects any sensitive equipment from signal interference. As well as the protection and functionality it gives, Linda and Innovate designed a premium grade leather phone case in its own right.

What Next?

After working with Innovate, with her designs and pending patent in hand, Linda travelled North and approached a wholesaler company, PJA Distribution, for a licencing deal. She was successful and had the product manufactured in China. It is now for sale on the PJA website and also Amazon. Linda is hoping to get her own website up and running soon to be able to sell from that platform as well. Linda says that finding a company to license the idea took time and perseverance, but it has been worth it. She is really happy with the design and the finished product; and Linda isn’t the only one. She has got great reviews from customers in the medical field as well as other professions.

“Wouldn’t be without this case for work & recreation . No more dropping losing or cracking my mobile” – Amazon reviewer

Linda is keen to branch out to other groups like keen travellers. Linda is looking forward to seeing how well her product sells and developing her business further.