Opportunity – Aldi is looking for new UK food and drink products to sell

October 18th, 2022

Aldi plans to spend an extra £3.5 billion a year with British businesses

To help find them, Aldi is launching a new competition called Aldi’s Next Big Thing on Chanel 4 which will see 36 small businesses compete to win a place in Aldi’s Specialbuys and gain massive exposure in the process.

The show will be a great opportunity for startups to see behind the scenes and observe the decision-making process at one of the UK’s largest retailers. Aldi’s Managing Director of buying, Julie Ashfield, will consider price, packaging, customer demand, and the ability to scale up as she decides who will win each episode’s Specialbuy space. Competitors will pitch a variety of products from dinner and baked goods, to store cupboard essentials and delicious treats.

The first episode airs on Channel 4 at 8 PM on Thursday 20th October and according to The Guardian, it might be just the TV you’ve been looking for.

More good news for food and drink startups

In other good news for food and drink start-ups, V3 Ventures recently announced a €100m fund to invest in start-ups including food and beverage start-ups from the UK. The low pound also makes it a great time for startups to export products out of the UK.

Are you creating a food or drink product?

Aldi are actively seeking exciting new home-grown brands to spend £3.5 billion with.

If you have a product idea in the food and drink category we can help you develop your packaging, find a factory and pitch to retailers. Book a confidential idea review with one of our innovation advisers to find out more.