Beautifect: Brand new beauty tech has changed the industry for good

November 17th, 2020


Dr Tara Lalvani, dental surgeon and Innovate Design client, has broken into the beauty industry in the biggest way with her groundbreaking new product, the Beautifect Box. There has been a seemingly never-ending buzz around the Beautifect Box, the new makeup space that does everything you need.

Beautifect burst onto the scene last month. “It was daunting launching in a pandemic, it would come with its challenges.” Tara explained. “But I wanted to just go for it. I didn’t want to sit on it anymore.”

Glamour called it ‘One of the biggest beauty launches’, and Instagram influencer reviews have been pouring in.

Why is it causing such a storm in just a few weeks of launching? If you ask us, it’s the brand new, luxury technology that Tara and Innovate’s experts took months to develop and perfect.

The Beautifect box is a unique new product for anyone who wears makeup. On face value, it is a luxury makeup organiser and mirror. What it really is? A makeup experience you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Features include: a unique Luminous System which simulates 5 lighting environments, allowing you to apply makeup for where you are actually going (from evening light to bright sun); a smart makeup storage system; and a specially engineered magic hinge for application at any angle.

Innovate and Tara worked closely together from initial concept right up to manufacture. Over a period of a couples of years, our designers took her vision of the box to reduce the inconvenience of makeup mess, wasted time and poor lighting, and developed different versions and prototypes to create Tara’s perfect product.

We asked Innovate’s lead Engineer on the Beautifect project, Daniel Walklin, about how he found working on the product.

“There were countless prototypes, many significant challenges, but an end result that was most definitely worth it.

There is a great opportunity for new technology in the beauty market, and I am glad to be a part of it with Tara and the Beautifect Box.”

Speaking to Tara, her passion for the product is evident. The Beautifect box is a product Tara was looking for and couldn’t believe hadn’t been invented. One of the best indicators that there is a market for your idea is if you want it yourself!

Tara had a successful career as a dental surgeon for many years and she is married to the CEO of Vitabiotics Tej Lalvani (also a Dragon from our favourite BBC show, Dragons Den). Watching her husband in business for many years inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Tara has funded this project from her own pocket, not wanting to compromise her vision in any way, also wanting to inspire her children.

It’s clear that part of the Beautifect’s early success comes down to the driving force of Tara’s passion for the product.

Tara has realised possibly the most important secret in selling a product: being completely in love with what you have created. For Tara, it shines through and is empowering to see.

Her advice to new inventors is to “overcome the doubts, go for it and see it through.”

The dental surgeon-turn-inventor has had to overcome some challenges in the process of bringing Beautifect to life. She described heading into design development as ‘a big leap’.

“Being a dental surgeon, I have always had to study hard to do what I do. Not being from an engineering background and not knowing what we could or couldn’t do was difficult.”

Tara and her Beautifect Box

Despite this, she worked very closely with the design team throughout the whole process to reassure her and learn what was possible.

Tara is looking to make Beautifect the go-to brand for beauty tools. She also aims to own the space of the lighting and portable make-up studio, and grow the business further.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can read more about the design process for the Beautifect Box here.

You can purchase a Beautifect Box for an introductory price of £279 at

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