Break the market, not the bank…

January 11th, 2018

The UK economy has had its fair share of ups and downs in the last two decades and history will show just how tight these generations found life financially. The knock-on effect, however, has been equally dramatic. The internet has given everyone access to a worldwide market to sell their new product ideas via online shopping platforms such Amazon. With increasing numbers of individuals becoming entrepreneurial, it is no wonder that innovation has developed as an industry in its own right. Led from the front, by BBC’s Dragons’ Den, the UK is buoyant with news of clever innovations that have transformed both the lives of the people behind the product and those who use it.

The cartoon concept of an inventor is light years away from the reality, with superb ideas emerging from people who have undertaken the same tasks day after day and have simply come up with a better or easier way of doing it. These people, including plumbers, mechanics, parents and grandparents, housewives, engineers and dreamers, excel in what they know best. Similarly, At Innovate Product Design, we do exactly that in the area that we know best – innovation and design.

From patent searches and guidance to funding and prototyping, support through the routes to market, manufacture and production, the team at Innovate Design have in-depth experience of the process, with knowledge across many different sectors and industries.

We invite people from all over the UK to get in touch with their ideas. With the confidentiality at the heart of their business practices, ideas and concepts are kept confidential from the very first point of contact with the agency, who are committed to helping individuals with new product ideas.

The innovation market can be daunting, with so much invested in protecting an idea or product. Innovate has produced a a guide, ‘Inventing for Profit’ that sets out a step-by-step process for making ideas a reality, from protection to prototype.

“The Innovate process has been perfected over 17 years to reduce the risks and capital investment for individuals while they seek industry feedback. It’s been heart breaking to hear of people losing everything they own on an idea, before establishing whether it was viable. The innovation journey should include patent research, market research and prototyping, but not all at once and not at a huge cost. We know that innovators have got a lot riding on the development of their idea, concept or product and we will support them through the process. We welcome all ideas, concepts and are here to support innovators in realising their dreams. We’re also there to support innovators if their idea can’t move forward – but, critically, the Innovate Design process will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take their concept as far as it can go.” Alastair Swanwick, Managing Director

Will 2018 be the year where you realise your dream? Take the first step by requesting a free Info Pack, Inventing for Profit