Congratulations to our client Sharon McGillion

October 6th, 2015

The Pressie Pouch Story Continues

Turning an idea into a product is not an easy task but Sharon’s effort paid off. After inventing a new self sealing gift bag with the “to & from” label incorporated on to the outside of the bag, negating the need for scissors or tape when wrapping a gift, she went on to have it produced herself. Her journey is an inspiration to others, demonstrating that determination, good research and professional presentation materials are keys to success.

“As a single parent, the finances weren’t good and the bank simply didn’t want to know.  Coming up with the idea was easy, designing, importing and distributing a new product during a recession wasn’t.  However, my desire to make my idea a reality was greater than any barriers I came upon.” Sharon McGillion

To read Sharon’s story with Innovate Product Design, visit the case study page here.

Here is a another great story on the Pressie Pouch getting picked up in an ever-increasing number of retail locations from the Ulster Herald earlier this year.