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May 14th, 2021

We are all so excited here at Innovate, because today (Friday 14th April) not one, but TWO of our clients are launching their crowdfunding campaigns for their brand new products.

We have two very different products being showcased and we love them both. To remind you, Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. The main models we see are reward based (e.g. offering a pledger the product once manufactured, or a discount); or Equity based (giving the pledger a stake in the company in return for early funding).

First up, Face the Music.

Face the Music is a game that that we can’t wait to get our hands on! A game of matching different scenarios to the perfect soundtrack.

Best and lifelong friends Max and Jake thought of the idea for the game during the first lockdown last year. The game is made up of cards quoting different life scenarios, the aim of the game is to choose the best song to soundtrack it. You can play against each other and compete for the best choice, or to kick back and listen to great music. And like all great games, there’s also a drinking version.

With card-based games (like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens) increasing in popularity tenfold over the last few years, Max and Jake are plunging into a very willing market.

The boys approached Innovate in November 2020. With some help from Innovate’s fantastic Digital and Print team, they are now fully designed and ready for manufacture!

There are different reasons why individuals would set up a crowdfunding campaign. Max and Jake’s aim for the campaign is to get the word out and get some pre-orders in with it (special editions included!).

“The best part about this game is it connects with 99% of people. Music is so universal that everyone can bring their own styles, genres, songs and questions to the game. Our ultimate idea is to create a community around the game and crowdfunding seemed a good way to start this.”

We can’t wait to see how far they take Face the Music. See their campaign here and get involved!


Next, Fraqua.

This one is especially close to our hearts as our clever designers not only worked on the product, but also designed the crowdfunding campaign themselves!

Fraqua is the invention of the young aspiring boxer, Nathan. It is a patented revolutionary drinks bottle for glove sports and gym to replace a standard design bottle which is not fit for purpose. Mum and entrepreneur, Lena, has been working with Innovate to realise the product.

In the stylish video that heads the campaign, you’ll hear Nathan himself stressing the importance of good hydration during workouts. Quick, fast and easy access to water is essential, and this is where Fraqua steps up to be the product you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Boasting an array of features including a patented loop handle with counter balance, a one-way bite valve and not to mention a stylish design, we predict this will be one of the most in demand sports accessories this year.

Lena is using Kickstarter to get in pre-orders of Fraqua. With this money she will order the first batch of 250 for delivery by June this year.

Take a look at the campaign here and be the first to get a Fraqua bottle.

If all this excitement has got your raring to go for your crowdfunding campaign, get in touch for a free review.

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