Cuff-Clip-Bag™ – to keep your belonging safe on the beach

November 7th, 2014

Congratulation to Innovate clients, Jacqueline & Sue, for launching their new product: Cuff-Clip-Bag™

Cuff-Clip-Bag™ is anti-theft slash resistant beach, travel bags and rucksacks for both men and women. The bag attaches to a secure object- such as a sun-bed or an armchair via a slash resistant Kevlar cuff that is concealed within a small side pocket. A sturdy 3 digit combination lock snaps the cuff into place securing the valuables with the added bonus of not having to worry about losing a key. The bag can also be fastened to a table leg whilst eating or relaxing out. It also has the added feature of a top combination lock for added security. The bag has a multitude of uses – it can be attached to a shopping trolley- baby buggy- table and chairs etc.

“Whilst holidaying in Europe a couple of years ago we were both involved in not only 1 but 2 attempted bag snatches within 4 days of each other. This motivated us to design a product that could help discourage bag theft whilst away from the home”

For more information or to purchase the product visit their website

Alternatively visit them at the Idea Home Exhibition at Earls Court in November.

By Barbara