Get to know us: Harry

April 4th, 2019

This is Harry. He is one of our fantastic and talented designers at our Salisbury studio. We fired some quick questions at him so you can get to know him, and Innovate, a bit better..

How long have you been at Innovate?
Well I’m still a bit of a baby at Innovate – I’ve been here for just over 9 months.

How would you describe a normal day in the studio?
Hectic! There’s always someone needing help with testing a product or experimenting with a new manufacturing technique.

What do you do with your spare time?
I enjoy anything sport (up the Gunners) or dog related. I make noises with a guitar but wouldn’t go so far as to call it musical!

What is your favourite kind of idea to work on?
This is a tricky one because my favourite projects I’ve worked on are totally indistinct. I do find that DIY tools tend to be well resolved. Often by nature they’ve been tested by the client in the sector for a number of years and are proven to work.

Keen to cook or order-in?
I do really enjoy cooking. My friends and I have a Facebook “food chat” where we share our meals.

Did you want to be a designer since you were young?
I didn’t actually, I wanted to be a pilot, F1 driver and a vet – ideally in a hybrid job role!
But seriously, I really enjoyed maths and art at school and so I wanted to find a job that was both logical and creative, which I’ve found. I shared the same fantastic Product Design teacher at school as my colleague Sullivan, who I am sure you’ll hear from soon!

What motivates you to power through a long or tricky project?
It’s knowing that the toughest projects do end up being the projects you’re most proud of. And a lot of coffee.

What do you like most about working for Innovate?
I’d have to say the team dynamic. We have a strong group of enthusiastic young designers, who make for a really fun and exciting environment to work in.

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