Get to know us: Rosie

December 18th, 2019

This is Rosie. Rosie is our Admin Assistant and Receptionist here at Innovate. We managed to catch her in-between her many phone calls to fire some quick questions at her.

You have a very varied job role, what are your main responsibilities?
My main role is being the first point of contact for all potential new and existing clients, and looking after our office building.

What is your favourite part of your job?
I love to work in such a friendly and positive work place. Also being able to give advice and guidance to potential new clients who have an idea but are a bit stuck with what to do with it, or what their next steps could be.

You speak to 100s of people every week, what is the most common question you get on the phone?
The most common question I tend to get is what does our company do or how do you get a Patent.

What do you do when Innovate is closed?
I am a part time Wedding and Infant photographer, so when Innovate closes I usually go home, grab some dinner and get straight onto editing while binging on a Netflix series.

You see lots of ideas coming through the doors, what has been your favourite kind?
Being a Newborn photographer, I am pretty maternal and I love seeing new ideas coming through about new baby and parenting products.

What does your typical Saturday night look like?
Most Saturdays I am either snuggling up on the sofa having a movie night or doing the complete opposite and having a good night out with friends.

What’s the one piece of stationary you couldn’t live without?
I find I can’t live without scissors, especially at work as I am constantly needing them to package up and open parcels.

What’s your favourite film?
My favourite film is ‘ The Fault in Our Stars’; you can’t watch it the whole way through without crying your eyes out.

What product do you wish you had invented first?
The Loom Bands, they are genius! So simple but at one point almost every person you saw on the street had a bracelet made of them and they also keep children occupied for hours!

If you have an idea you would like us to review, please send it in for a free online review. (Or give Rosie a call on 020 7354 5640)