Incredible crowdfunding success for young inventor thanks to TikTok

May 31st, 2021

We are so pleased to bring you this news of our client Kieran and his cutting edge new product: MyBar

Design engineer Kieran launched his Kickstarter campaign in April and met his goal of £9,300 in a record 24 hours. With 3 days still to go he has trebled his goal as pledges continue to come in.

What is Mybar?

MyBar is a brand-new way of pouring drinks at home. With the electronic pouring of accurate measurements, it not only combats the very real issue of over-drinking at home, but provides a fun, innovative and truly stylish edition to your kitchen (it’s even wall mountable).

After refining the design over time with Innovate’s designers and engineers, Kieran took to Kickstarter to collect the first batch of orders before starting production (with a goal to deliver the final product to it’s backers in December this year). He also wanted to judge the demand of product and get feedback which is a big advantage of using crowdfunding platforms. It’s safe to say he has seen the demand for MyBar, and it’s bigger than anyone could have hoped for.

Secret to his success

It helps to know your target demographic, it also helps to know where they are 24/7. The start of the pandemic saw millennials and the Gen Z (amongst of course – everyone else, it seems) spend more and more time on the video based social platform; TikTok.

Kieran jumped on the trend and uploaded short videos showcasing the product. It was incredibly well received, getting him thousands of followers and literally millions of views. It couldn’t have gone better, and now it seems everyone is seeing MyBar as the new must have in their lives. It’s clear that the use of social media was the catalyst for his successful campaign, and that it pays to be part of your target audience!

The MyBar campaign is packed with information about the product, what the next stages are and the benefits of joining in and pledging. After this stage, Kieran is ready for final designs and manufacture.

To see the campaign and get behind it while you still can, click here.

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