Innovate client on ‘Make Me a Millionaire Inventor’ TV series

May 9th, 2014

Irish Entrepreneur features on new “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” TV series

An Irish inventor featured in a new satellite TV business series on Sunday, 4th May at 7pm. Innovate client Declan McDonnell, from Trillick Co Tyrone, is owner and inventor of the Xpanda Bra, a maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes, which enables it to fit not only throughout the pregnancy, but throughout breastfeeding too, adapting along with your changing body.

Declan is one of only a handful of contestants throughout the UK and Ireland that were invited to take part in “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor”, a new feel-good business series which delves into the patent archives in search of some of the many brilliant inventions that haven’t yet fulfilled their full potential.

Every episode, which is being broadcast on satellite channel PICK, sees two specialist presenters pick an original invention each. They pay a surprise visit to the original inventors to re-ignite their old passion for their products, and then provide support from a team of experts to help the inventor’s structure a business plan, produce and market-test a prototype and coach them in how to pitch their project. Finally, the inventors like Declan make a pitch to potential investors and industry buyers, who are ready to fund production and help the inventors hit the high street.


Speaking of his participation on the show, Declan said: “I was astonished when the presenters arrived on my doorstep out of the blue and explained to me that they would work with me on my patent idea as part of the “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” programme.  My involvement with the show has been really enjoyable and informative, and has really broadened my horizons about the potential for my product and the business overall.”

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