Innovate Client LumiPotti Launches

March 3rd, 2014


Innovate Client LumiPotti – the new night-light potty is now on sale!

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The team here at Innovate were really excited when a few LumiPotti samples arrived at our design studio. It is always nice to see a project that we have worked on in it’s final “retail” version and LumiPotti does not disappoint. With its great branding and lovely packaging, we are sure that this toddler product is going to take the market by storm and change toddler potty training for many Mums up and down the country

LumiPotti is the Day & Night potty for total toilet training. It encourages children’s nappy-free progress through all stages of toilet training. LumiPotti’s night-light is movement activated and illuminates as the child sits up in bed. It guides them and helps children grow in confidence as they go nappy-free at night.

Once nights are mastered, the LumiPotti light becomes a portable night-light for that final stage, the independent night walk to the bathroom.

LumiPotti is:

  • Made of Anti-microbial plastic for hygiene
  • Battery operated
  • A movement activated night-light
  • Fitted with an ambient light sensor
  • A portable night-light
  • Great value

For more information or to purchase a LumiPotti vist The LumiPotti Website