New Dive Flare Launches

June 28th, 2011

Diver Flare – from client Rex Hargrave has just launched!

This is a fantastic life saving product and an absolute must for all divers. The flare comes in a watertight casing so that you are able to dive with it, it has been tested up to 40m. Upon an emergency a diver can resurface and take the dry flare out of the casing and fire it. Innovate Product Design are thrilled to have been involved in this exciting project and wish Rex all the best of luck with this fantastic device.

Diver Flare enclosure complies with BS EN 60529; 1992, IPX8 and has been tested to 40m depth.
Diver Flare is manufactured for RH Activity and Marine Survival Ltd., U.K. and holds the UK Patent Number of GB0823314.0. Flares supplied by Pains Wessex. Red hand held Mk 8. Item No. 52900.

Flares have a three year expiry date and will be required to be replaced on reaching this date.

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