Our client wins big at British Invention Show!

November 13th, 2019

We are so happy to share that our client Simon Colling and his invention SecuriPlug® won two awards at this years British Invention Show.

The product

The SecuriPlug® allows you to control who has access to an appliance. It also monitors usage and receives alerts. It has many control methods such as fingerprint, face or voice recognition and mobile phone control. The SecuriPlug® has many uses including use for parental control, healthcare and industry.

Innovate worked with Simon in the beginning stages of his idea. We developed designs of his idea which allowed him to present and demonstrate to organisations to take the design further. For example, he has worked with the University of West of England on more component designs as well as receiving two grants from the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Innovate also worked on his patent, of which he has applied for many more including International.

He has created many different ranges and applications of the product in just a few years, evolving in use and innovation

Learn more about SecuriPlug® here.

The British Invention Show

The British Invention Show (BIS) is the UK’s largest exhibition of Invention, Innovation and Technology.

Inventors and companies exhibit their ideas at the show to gain recognition, network, promote and seek funding as well as many other advantages.

A committee will score the exhibits and 30 winners will then be chosen to attend the British Invention of the Year Awards held at the Savoy, London.

An unexpected win

Simon and the SecuriPlug® proved its potential, as he wasn’t even exhibiting. Simon visited the show as a member of the public and to do some helpful networking. He met the CEO, Kane Kramer, and gave him some information on SecuriPlug®. Mr Kramer contacted him later that day to ask if he would want to enter the awards. “I said yes.  He brought in 3 judges especially on the Friday to judge SecuriPlug®” That evening he went to the awards ceremony where he won the British Invention of the Year (Platinum Award) and International Invention of the Year (Diamond).

An ecstatic winner!
(Photo credit: luiskramerphoto.com)

We love to see our clients flourish and do great things, and gain the recognition their ideas deserve.

Up next for Simon? He is currently waiting on production-ready SecuriPlugs to be trialled in various market sectors. We think this has sure global potential and will be keeping you updated on its inevitable progress.

We are looking forward to seeing SecuriPlug® develop further and see where the prestigious awards will propel the product to next.

There are so many ways to commercialise an idea, no two paths will be the same. If you would like Innovate to review your idea for free to see how you can progress, send your idea in today.

If you are interested in assisting with SecuriPlugs development, please spare some time to complete an online survey For each survey completed, SecuriPlug® Ltd will donate £1 to the charity Mind. Click here to complete.