See dreams crash in one pitch with the new series of Dragons Den

January 6th, 2017

It is the dawn of a New Year, which means that so many of us are starting to think about ways that they can make a new beginning.

Whether it is to improve your fitness, find a new career or realise your dreams. The next 12 months could be the ideal time for you.

Do you have a product idea that you think could change the world? Then maybe it is time to make it a reality?

Is Dragons Den your thing?

With 14 series in the bag, BBC series Dragons Den is not only a popular TV show, but it is also a viable business avenue.

The premise of the show is that entrepreneurs who want to kick-start, or grow their business enter a den and make a pitch. Their pitch is not only to normal people though, in fact they are faced by 5 multi-millionaires who are ready and waiting to invest their own cash.

Simply put, just a few minutes of talking about their idea could make the difference for these businesses.

Currently in series 14, over the years viewers have been delighted by a vast array of different services and products that are presented by their creators.
From the brilliant to the bizarre. They have all had their moment in the spotlight, trying to gain interest in their idea of a successful business.

Some have secured funding, and gone onto great things. Others were definitely sent away with their tail between their legs.

That is what makes it such amazing TV.

Protect your product with Innovate

It isn’t just TV shows like Dragons Den that can help make your product dreams a reality. Whilst we may not have 5 stacks of cash ready and waiting, here at Innovate we can give you a different kind of helping hand.

Innovate are leading experts in transforming product ideas and inventions into a commercial success. We know the best ways to protect your idea and make sure that it goes from the paper right into production.

We can offer advice on licensing, prototyping and affordable patent protection. We can even help you to find the best ways to manufacture your product, ready to be sold.

Whilst we may not have a TV studio. We do have the expertise on hand that can help you to chase your dreams. The team at Innovate are made up of award winning design engineers, patent searches, market researchers, IP experts.

So, whether you want some help to take your product to the world, or are happy to sit at home and watch others achieve their dreams. Make 2017 your year!

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