The UK Innovation Revolution

February 14th, 2023

Science, Innovation and Technology

The UK government has announced a new Science, Innovation and Technology department, created to boost the UK economy. It has the potential to start an innovation revolution and has been met with approval by the UK’s startup community. Katie Gallagher, Chair of the UK Tech Cluster Group, said “It is welcome news that the government has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the tech sector at this critical juncture“.

Michelle Donelan, the department’s secretary has been given a seat in the cabinet, further emphasising the renewed importance of innovation to the UK government. He said, “A brand new and dedicated department for Science, Innovation and Technology is key to the Government’s plan to grow the economy – generating better, well paid jobs”.

What could it mean for inventors?

As the UK economy lags behind other developed nations, the government’s decision to create a department focused on innovation is a welcome move. To have a positive impact on the economy the move will likely require long-term thinking and meaningful investment in innovation. If these two criteria are met, we could see a bright future for start-ups in the UK and we are excited to see what happens next.

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