The Use of colour in Product Design

May 29th, 2012

The use of colour in Product Design

Innovate Design were today pleased to welcome Professor Hilary Dalke, Director of the Design Research Centre at Kingston University, as well as a Director of Cromocon Ltd. Professor Dalke visited Innovate’s studios to deliver a lecture on the importance of the use of application of colour in product design, taking into account the external environment. Professor Dalke is a globally respected figure of authority on colour and contrast. She has worked in the past with a number of prestigious organisations including the Audi Design Foundation and the Department for Transport.

This was an exciting opportunity for Innovate’s team to engage with an industry expert and learn more about different considerations when designing and developing new product ideas on behalf of our clients. On the subject of Professor Dalke’s lecture, Andrew Gordon, one of Innovate’s Product Design Team said “The experience was very informative. Professor Dalke was extremely knowledgeable and covered a wide spectrum of points, especially the importance of designing for an ageing population”.

Innovate Design are always keen to identify ways in which we can improve the quality of service that we offer to our clients and hope that the visit of Professor Dalke will help us to provide a unique level of insight and thought whilst we continue to assist in the development of new ideas in the UK and beyond.

For more information on Professor Dalke’s current work with Cromocon, please visit