Innovate Design opens office in the USA

May 15th, 2012

 A new service to help entrepreneurs and innovators has been launched in San Francisco.

London based Innovate Product Design, has recently opened their U.S.A. headquarters in San Francisco, CA, to help American entrepreneurs and individuals develop their invention ideas. Established for over 10 years in England, with offices in London and Salisbury, Innovate Product Design are an international product development company designed to help individuals across the globe successfully protect, design and commercialize their new product ideas. 

 “Setting up in America is an exciting development for the company, not only does it offer American individuals the opportunity to explore their invention ideas cost-effectively, but it provides a gateway for them into Europe. Likewise it opens up the route for our European customers to break into the American market. We have already seen some fantastic ideas from our American clients and have been very encouraged by the feedback we have received.” commented Alastair Swanwick, Managing Director.

Jessica Vann, Client Manager in San Francisco said, “I am really excited to be helping Alastair launch this service to the American market. The response so far has been great, I look forward to working on these innovative projects with the rest of the team.”

The team at Innovate Product Design consists of highly qualified patent researchers, Intellectual Property specialists, project managers, product design engineers and prototypers. Our clients always retain 100% ownership of their idea and any resulting product, we aim to help them along that journey as much as possible by providing sound advice and skill.

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