Vexbox Awarded Commercial Product of the Year

November 9th, 2018

We were delighted to hear the great news of our previous clients, Vexbox, on the win of the prestigious Electrical Times – Commercial Product of the Year Award.

The Vex Box is a variable template for both single and double electrical outlets. It allows electricians to extend the front of the accessory box flush with the wall, so making it easier for plasterers to get a good quality finish around the box. Ideal for new builds and refurbishments. Vexbox and has been well received within the industry. It is a unique product and proved incredibly successful, and was a finalists at the same awards in 2016. See the case study on Innovate’s website for the Vexbox here.

Since then, the Vexbox has been improved upon. With the importance of the products that suppress fire through buildings in mind, Vexbox invested time and money into producing a intumescent version of the product.

The word “intumescent” means “to swell”. The heat produced in a fire causes any product with intumescent properties to expand to many times it’s original volume. This in turn blocks the route of any fire or hot gases by creating an impenetrable barrier of carbon. The intumescent Vexbox prevents the spread of fire throughout a building, as well as providing the user with superior quality wall finish.

The act of corporate manslaughter was introduced 10 years ago. Vexbox now makes it very simple to comply with the building regulations. Vexbox thereby makes buildings safer for occupants and at the same time, helps installers to avoid prosecution. Therefore, showing incredible merit to be considered for the award and a making it a worthy winner.

The Electrical Times Awards provide a platform so manufacturers and contractors can showcase new products to the rest of the industry. The winners of the 14 categories are announced at a black tie dinner at the Royal Garden Hotel in London. This year it was held on Thursday 25th October.

We are so happy for Paul and the team at Vexbox, and inspired to see the things that can be achieved with an ingenious new idea.


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