#VOOM is coming? Are you ready

April 5th, 2016

#VOOM 2016 gives you the opportunity to pitch to Rich; are you ready?

#VOOM is a supercharged way in which innovators can get their idea into the open and in the hands of a manufacturer/backer. Through their broadband streaming software and the 2016 VOOM pitching competition, the chance to have your product appear in the mainstream market is just a few words away. The question is “are you ready to pitch to Richard Branson?” Here are a few things to consider before you go VOOM.

Is my idea formulated sufficiently for #VOOM?

An idea in your head and a song in your heart is fine, but unless you have formulated that idea into a plausible course of action with information which an expert can relate, the probability for a successful pitch is bleak. This means that as an innovator you have gotten expert feedback on your idea, you have done research on the ROI of the manufacturing, that you know that there is a demand in the market and you know who your target market is. Finally, it means that you have gone beyond the paper and pencil of the idea to create CAD and prototype developments of the product to test the realistic properties, problems, and manufacturing issues which may arise. More information on Design and Protototyping

What will your Social Presence tell #VOOM your product?

Have you built a hype and a demand for your product? When you attend VOOM 2016 and try to pitch to rich, you will need to have something solid to confirm that your product has a place in today’s world. As there are more smartphones and mobile devices than there are people, and the average person access the internet through their mobile media and social media platforms, it is essential that your innovation be popularised through social media platforms.

When formulating your Social Media strategy, ensure that you do not limit yourself to just Facebook. Where this platform is a great starting point, you will want to have Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts as well. However, all of these areas will be minimised if you cannot or do not present your innovation in the best possible way (that being with HD quality pictures, 3d Renders, CAD models, and such).

Is your idea secure?

Where we would love to live in an idealistic world where everyone plays fair, the truth of the matter is that there are a ton of individuals out there that are waiting to steal your latest idea. The #VOOM 2016 competition is not such a place, but the competition and competitors may be looking for an idea to help their interest. As an innovator, you must secure a patent on your product and trademarks on any information that could be used by an additional party. Pending Patents can suffice for some innovations, but in reality you want to present your idea and have it clear that you have taken the steps to secure your idea. Find out How to patent an idea

Do you have something physical that the #VOOM experts can evaluate?

When you enter the #VOOM 2016 competition in hopes to pitch to rich, you will go through several stages in the competition. Various experts will evaluate the relative need for your product as well as its uniqueness to the market. If all you have is a render and a few sheets of paper, you will be looked upon as a car salesman that refuses to showcase the car he is selling. There will be no verification to what you are saying. Prototypes and/or CAD models are needed if you want to win this competition.

Need help getting ready for #VOOM? Innovate Product Design can help you

Innovate Design understands that there is a process to getting the best pitch. We have honed this process over the years to help innovators from all over the world get their product into the market place. We will work with you to get your ideas formulated in a professional manner, evaluate the manufacturing problems which may arise, and if needed we can help with the CAD and prototyping of your product so that when you do go to VOOM you are prepared.

VOOM is one of the fastest paced, most intense, most sought after pitch competition of the year. As such you can expect the competition to be fierce, there to be a great number of innovators competing for the chance to pitch to rich, and for the experts to be critical of every word that is uttered from those pitting their idea. Where we cannot guarantee that you will take the top prize in this event, we can help you develop the best strategy to get your idea in front of the experts, minimise critiques by addressing issues prior to pitching, and maximise your chances of seeing your product in markets after VOOM.