Why you should get product feedback from industry experts

March 24th, 2016

This year Innovate took part in the International Houseware and Home Show, in the Inventor Corner section where innovators received product feedback on their designs. The show, which was held from March 5-8 in Chicago, showcased the innovations and inventions of individuals from around the world.

Showcasing our UK Clients to product experts

We had the opportunity to pitch some of our UK clients’ products in front of a panel of experts as well as watching other inventors pitching their products. This allowed us to get new perspectives on how experts and professionals are presenting their products. It also allowed our team to discover new strategies and presentation developments which can be implemented into our own services to better help our clients.

The panel of product experts included company such as HSN, TOP DOG DIRECT, LAKELAND CATALOG, NEAT FREAK, HAROLD IMPORT CO, BROOKSTONE,THE GROMMET, SHARK TANK and more.

The experts had valuable and interesting feedback to give. Of course they are not always right but these people are product experts and know their industry inside out. Also, as retailers in a market that is very competitive, the innovators were able to see first-hand the expectations and the demand of the industry.

Innovate’s product feedback process validated

Overall, the show was a great opportunity for inventors to be able to pitch their idea to industry specialists, but one could not help feeling that it was rather too late. They should have consulted industry experts before spending £10,000s to manufacture a product that is not optimised to its market. This is especially true for those innovators that aspire to have their product sold in multiple countries. Spending funds prior to getting advice is putting the cart before the horse in our opinion. Does this mean that an innovator should abandon their idea? No, what it does mean is that an inventor should get product feedback and adjust their strategy early on.

Based on the product feedback from the product experts, our advice to inventors remains: “ Go and get commercial feedback before moving to production.”

Increase your chances of success with a proven process

Innovate’s unique New Product Development (NPD) process allows inventors to get valuable feedback throughout the process, giving the innovator or start-up the possibility to adjust the product, price and marketing strategy at any stage, therefore increasing their chance of success.

Submit your idea in confidence to find out more about the NPD process or how Innovate can help you to protect, develop, prototype and commercialise your idea.


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