LumiPotti in the news

November 6th, 2012

LumiPotti – the night light potty for night-time toilet training, has recently had a very busy time appearing in the Daily Mail, The News (Portsmouth) and had a stand at The Baby Show a couple of weeks ago.

The idea behind LumiPotti is to encourage independent night-time toileting once your toddler starts potty training during the day. As well as being cheaper and greener (getting your toddler out of night-time nappies earlier) it is also safer than leaving them to get to the toilet in the dark, works better for their confidence to learn the right bladder control and perfect for you, the parent, to commit to helping them learn control of their bladder.

LumiPotti was invented and created by Small Ideas Ltd. Created by two mums for parents everywhere, LumiPotti aims to become a global brand that is based and built here in England. Founded in 2011 to produce and promote innovations which adhere to the company principles of practical, well designed solutions for everyday challenges, Small Ideas Ltd is run by Rachael Forder and Kerry Marriott.

Congratulations to Rachael and Kerry on their success so far. We look forward to watching your company grow and are delighted to have worked on the project. Watch this space for a case study on how LumiPotti was designed and developed by Innovate.

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