Apple Fruit Tier

Case Study: Apple Fruit Tier

Client: Jeanette Moss


Twitter: fruit_tier

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Fruit Tier is a food storage and display solution which allows the owner to organise and view their current fruit supply by utilising the organic/natural design of the Apple and giving each piece of fruit its own dedicated space. The original design has been registered with OHIM for European protection.  Due to manufacturing problems the design has been subsequently amended, removing the leaf.  The revised design has been registered with ACID Anti Copying in Design in the UK. UK Design registration has now been applied for (17th January 2016), and  awaiting to hear back from IP

The Project

When purchasing fruit, most people buy various quantities and various varieties of the fruit. For the most part fruit is stored on top of one another which cause bruising, moulding as well as confusion as to what fruit a person has. Jeanette wanted to break away from the traditional fruit bowl and have a product that not only stored fruits within its own area, but allowed the person to see each piece without having to move the fruit around. Unable to find a functional and aesthetic solution, the Apple Fruit Tier was invented.

The Process

When Jeanette approached Innovate Design, the product was in conceptualisation stages. Together with the Innovate team, they designed and modeled the new product idea. By utilising local manufacturing options as well as creating a functional design that did not stray from the original concept, the Apple Fruit Tier was able to be manufactured within the UK (as desired). When designing the product, there were a few design considerations that needed to be addressed. First, the design required that a stainless steel and ceramic manufacturer be found. Jeanette personally met with potential manufacturers and found localised companies to produce the plates for the design. The wooden core of the Apple was first designed in ceramic, but it soon became apparent that it would need to be made of wood. As such a wood turner was acquired and the completed prototype was produced from the various manufacturers. “Once I had the wooden core prototype, the hole in the plates was amended to accommodate the metal rod and washers, holding all the pieces together. I took a trip to Stoke on Trent to see a new manufacturer who could make the plates using the slip method and colours were chosen. The stainless steel manufacturer was easier to find once I found the correct method.  Innovate then produced stainless steel manufacturing specifications.  After having a tour of the factory and guided by their knowledge as to which type and grade of stainless steel to use, I decided to go ahead and place my first order. 

The Results

Jeanette has successfully launched their product’s website which offers the Apple Fruit Tier for purchase. In 2016 the company hopes to expand their promotional and marketing of the product which would allow for more independent retailers to stock their product. The company also plans to expand upon their SEO and organic content within their webpage to bring better SERPs in 2016.


“It has been worth it.  To see my idea sitting in my kitchen and achieving what I set out to do.  I am extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship I have found to produce my product.  It looks stunning laden with fruit or awaiting replenishment.” “Innovate have been instrumental in bring my dream to a reality.  They turned my concept into a piece of art that I am proud to call Fruit Tier.  Looking forward to designing my next product with them and building on my range.” For more information on taking an invention to market request the Free Info Pack- Inventing for Profit