Have Some Good Invention Ideas?

Inspired by New Invention Ideas

Inventors from the United Kingdom have collectively changed the course of human history by bringing forth some of the most innovative and impactful new products and technologies of all time. Among the many inventions attributed to inventors from the U.K. are:

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Jet engine
  • Steam engine
  • Light bulb
  • Electric motor
  • Bicycle
  • ATM/cashpoint machine

The entrepreneurial spirit of invention is still alive and well today in the UK with 14,971 patent applications filed with the Intellectual Property Office in 2013, and 2,464 patents getting granted (source).

Transforming Your Invention Ideas from Concept to Reality

When inspiration strikes, and a would be entrepreneur has the next great invention idea rolling around in their head, anxiety and uncertainty often occurs next during the process of trying to figure out what to do next. Innovate Product Design has a long history of assisting hundreds of inventors and innovators through the entirety of the process, including:

  • Market Research & Idea Feasibility Analysis
  • Idea Protection, Patenting, and/or Trademarking
  • Product Concept Design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Development
  • Prototyping
  • Routes to Market & Product Launch

Below are some of the many different industries with which Innovate Product Design has successfully assisted entrepreneurs with getting their new invention ideas from a concept to a patent protected product in the marketplace.

Innovate_Design - Sports - Invention Ideas

Sports Invention Ideas

According to Sport England, today approximately 15.6 million people aged 16 years and over in England play sport at least once a week. That’s an increase of 1.6 million since 2005. With a growing market opportunity for innovative new products that improve performance and increase comfort for athletes pursuing their passion, Innovate has helped several inventors conceptualize and develop new sports inventions.

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Innovate_Design - Kitchen - Invention Ideas

Kitchen Invention Ideas

Whether viewed as a chore or a passion, cooking is a necessity of life and the average adult spends several hours a week cooking and preparing food. As such, technology and innovative gadgets that make cleaning dirty dishes or performing other kitchen tasks easier can be extremely lucrative. Innovate Product Design has assisted with the development and launch of numerous kitchen invention ideas over the last several years.

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Innovate_Design - Camping - Invention Ideas

Innovative Camping Gear

In 2012, UK residents took 15.9m camping and caravanning trips, spending £2.5bn during their trips (Source).  With an ever-growing number of individuals worldwide finding a passion for camping, ranging from minimalist experiences to “glamping,” there is a growing market opportunity to develop products to enhance the camping experience. Innovate Product Design has assisted with the development and launch of numerous new camping inventions over the last several years.

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Innovate_Design - Pregnancy - Invention Ideas

Pregnancy Product Ideas

With roughly three quarters of a million pregnancies occurring every year in the UK (Source), there are hundreds of thousands of women at any given time who have extremely high levels of interests in products and innovations that can make both them and their baby-to-be more comfortable. Innovate Product Design has assisted with the development and launch of numerous product ideas targeting the maternity market over the last several years.

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Innovate_Design - Beach - Invention Ideas

Beach Inventions Ideas

While the United Kingdom itself is not necessarily known for sunny beaches and hot weather, over 53% of Britons took at least one holiday in 2015 (Source). Additionally, locales like Rhossili Bay offer a chance to enjoy a day of waves a sand without leaving the country. Innovate Product Design has assisted with the development and launch of innovative beach products to make holiday travel more enjoyable in recent years.

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Innovate_Design - New Tech - Invention Ideas

New Technology Gadgets

Electronics and technology are at the forefront of innovation in 2015. With the proliferation of apps, tablet computers, and smart phone devices, there is a massive and still-growing market for a variety of tech accessories and products that enhance the experience of the modern, wired lifestyle. Innovate Product Design has helped several entrepreneurs patent, prototype, and launch their inventions.

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