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Steve Thomas

"Innovate helped me to bring my idea to life, by taking my very own ‘home made model’ made from sticky tape, foam pads, bits of plastic and stainless steel, transforming it into an impressive marketable product made from a special type of nylon. This enabled me to show my product to potential customers with total confidence for the first time. Looking back at the Topster journey, working with Innovate and making a prototype was without doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made. Visit the official Topster website here: http://www.topster.co.uk/"

Duncan Rolinson

"A fantastic piece of work, I am extremely happy with that. It has turned out better than my wildest dreams. I now strongly believe I can go somewhere with this and you have played a big part in helping me, so many thanks to you"


Alan Birch

"The whole experience with Innovate I found to be very professional. From the initial research and Global patent search through to the most impressive part, the design work. I came away with an excellent visualisation and plans for what started out as an idea. I could not have taken the idea as far as I have without Innovate."

Logical Gadgets (Chargem™)

Delia Strand

"Innovate were approached by Logical Gadgets when they wanted to progress with their multi charging product ‘Chargem™’. “This space saving device required some development which is where Innovate really helped speed up the project. Their communication was second to none, with regular contact and updates at each stage of the project. Without their creativity and complete understanding of the requirements from Logical Gadgets, we would not have such a slick and funky product design. Throughout our development journey, we have found Innovate to be very professional, informative and knowledgeable of the work they have carried out for us.” “Logical Gadgets would highly recommend Innovate to any prospective organization who would like to develop their product further.” Find out about Innovate’s role in the development of Chargem™ by clicking here: https://www.innovate-design.co.uk/innovate-reviews/case-studies/chargem/"

Heat Haus Ltd

Adrian M. Morley

"From the initial search on the internet Innovate were at the top of the list. The company ethos of “working for the inventor” and not using them as a “source for new ideas that could be exploited” was part of the initial attraction. I found their response to my enquires very prompt and the literature dispatched to explain the various steps from researching patents through to obtaining the patent for my idea, clear and easy to understand. The process has been expedient and very professional with all personnel being very friendly and a pleasure to deal with."


Ian A Wilson

"I was very pleased with the quality and design of the prototypes of my invention provided by Innovate Product Design."

Roger Armour

"I took my prototype to your Salisbury office and was impressed by the warm welcome, the keen interest and the professionalism. Within a few weeks the design produced was very good, and the changes I wanted were promptly attended to. I also received excellent advice about patenting, design registration and costs. Thank you!"


Kate Castle

"I was very pleased with the final product design and the presentation boards that were produced. I requested a number of amendments and these were made quickly and efficiently.” Find out about Innovate’s role in the development of Boginabag by clicking here: https://www.innovate-design.co.uk/innovate-reviews/case-studies/bog-bag/ Visit the official BoginaBag website here: http://www.boginabag.co.uk/"

Phil Taylor

"I would like to thank Innovate for the excellent professional service and advice gratefully received."

Conserve Cards

Steven Dewhurst

"I found Innovate to be a group of professional and dedicated people who brought my idea to life. Meeting the staff was a relaxed and stress-free experience. They listened, offered advice and were always available to talk to when needed. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other would-be inventors!"

Ravishankar Anantharamu

"Innovate Design assisted me in the development of my idea further than my wildest imagination. The designer was personally contactable throughout the process and was extremely willing to go out of her way in the development process. What I specifically liked was that the designer was not hesitant in offering best advice which was sometimes differing from my views. Her concern was for maximum commercialisation of the product and thinking from the user’s standpoint. I will certainly be engaging their services again for sure, and recommend them to anybody else."


William Allingham

"I found them very helpful and professional in all areas of the patent research process. The designs were done well in 3D, and the advice was brilliant. Alastair, who I dealt with, was great. He has a good straight business going there.” Find out about Innovate’s role in the development of Quadcrate by clicking here: https://www.innovate-design.co.uk/innovate-reviews/case-studies/quadcrate-2/ Visit the official Quadcrate website here: http://www.quadcrate.co.uk/"


David Drake

"Innovate had a clear picture in their minds from my description of what the idea was and how it would work and look, this made the whole process a lot easier. After the drawings, we sat down again to discuss prototyping which again Innovate were able to help and steer me in the right direction, they produced our first working model of what is now ChokArt. After receiving the prototype my mind set changed as I could now see my idea in the flesh and it proved that it worked and solved all the problems it was designed to solve."


Margaret Hiscoe-James

"We would definitely recommend Innovate. We thought we had come up with a good idea, and from our rough sketch drawings they were able to produce a working product. From the very start we knew we were dealing with the right company; the team were always on hand when we had any queries and we found their advice invaluable."


Tony Allsopp

"I approached Innovate when I first had the idea for my product but was not sure what to expect. They were helpful through the patent search and came up with an excellent design. Following this they made a prototype, which took the initial idea to the next level. Our product is now on the market and I would highly recommend Innovate to anyone who comes up with a new idea."

Clare Edwards

"After reading the other testimonials, nearly every single one says the same thing with a slightly different slant of what we all know is true: the warmth, professionalism and creativity that you all ooze is outstanding. What I have found, is that to be able to make all these inventors feel as special about their project as you have made me feel, is a mixture of it all and TRUST. It truly is refreshing to know that the team and company aren’t in it for the money, and there is no catch, that job satisfaction is a must on all levels and in my eyes and obviously others, it is a fantastic JOB WELL DONE. I would highly recommend Innovate Design to all who would like a dream to come true."

Parent Control Guide

David Wiltsher

"We feel so very lucky to be working with Innovate! Without doubt one of the best decisions we have made!!!” “When we came up with the idea for the world’s first fully functional remote control for parents, called the Parent Control Guide we knew we had a great idea and needed to find the perfect partner to help us develop the concept and protect it.” “Innovate have not only designed a great product for us, they have also helped us protect it with their patent service and have created two fantastic websites that we are over the moon with! In addition they are always there to help us every step of the way, THANK YOU INNOVATE!!!” “I would not hesitate to recommend them! if you are serious about developing and giving your product a realistic chance, Innovate are the perfect partner to help you achieve your goal."

Roughneck Safety Grafter

Craig Broadhurst

"Innovate helped me each step of the way from my first rough drawings and idea to my prototype. They advised throughout the patent process and offered advice when needed, I don’t feel my invention would be at the stage it is now without Jay Short and his team. www.buckandhickman.com/roughnecksafetygrafter"


Aswan Ali

"Working with Innovate was a great experience, very enjoyable and informative. With the team’s keen interest and professionalism, I managed to turn my idea from a simple sketch into a marketable design. I continued to receive invaluable advice throughout the design stages and patent process."

Bijou Boxes

Cheryl Phillips

"I used Innovate to design a contemporary Jewellery Box which I created to store charms and beads as well as other jewellery and brought to the market in February 2011. I presented them with my ideas and a cardboard version and they turned my ideas into fantastic graphics which I was then able to use to present to the market ahead of my prototype. Fast, efficient and extremely professional, I would highly recommend Innovate Design. They took a real interest in my product and made this stage of product innovation very easy for me."

Spacer Connect

Alan Clothier

"I had an idea for a product which I was not 100% sure about. I approached Innovate and spoke to Jay and Abby who, with their expertise, convinced me it was. First they searched the market for any similar products, secondly Abby put together some amazing graphics and added a few small details to make it better. With the story boards in place, they then got the idea to patent pending stage, I could not have accomplished this without the help of the brilliant Innovate team."

Xpanda Bra®

Declan McDonnell

"I first contacted Innovate Design with my idea to see if it could be taken further and their response was extremely quick and professional. They have brought my product from my rough sketches, to a fully functional prototype, with a granted European and UK registered design, along with a UK and PCT Patent pending which are likely to be granted. I am now at the stage where I intend to licence my product. Even after all this, Innovate has still helped and given advice and they are always only a phone call away if help is needed. Innovate is very professional, extremely quick and their costs are more than reasonable. Della and the team are a credit to Innovate. I would advise anyone who has a product or idea in mind and wants to carry it forward to contact Innovate. I would highly recommend Innovate to everyone who wants their idea to come reality. www.xpandabra.com"

Veel™ Venepuncture Tray

Eugen-Matthias Strehle

"Having worked in the field of paediatric medicine for 20 years I was well aware of the challenges faced by doctors and nurses when taking blood from infants and small children. They not only had to cope with the emotional and physical distress of the young patients and their parents but also with the small veins, needles and blood tubes. Often there was an extra pair of hands needed for this delicate procedure. One day I had the idea to invent a portable holder for paediatric-sized blood containers, needles and capillary tubes. While searching the internet for relevant information I noticed an advertisement of Innovate Design and contacted them straight away. I was told of the different stages necessary for developing and protecting a new product including patent search, design of a prototype, manufacturing and marketing. As a novice in this area I learned step by step with the help of the company’s skilled and friendly staff. I was free to choose the level of their support depending on my needs."

Diver Flare

Rex Hargrave

"The review, carried out by a BDA staff member and PADI Divemaster, achieved 5 out of 5 stars for Value for Money, Quality of Manufacture and Performance, as well as 4 out of 5 stars for Practicality."


Garry Stewart

"When I began as a one-man-band with a concept, Innovate was the perfect partner; an ideal gateway into the world of IP, product design and prototype manufacturing. Their comprehensive approach is a very powerful tool for the first-time inventor. I recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, talented and approachable team to navigate that critical first period of IP research, protection and translation to a living product. www.chop-cloc.co.uk"


Dustin Toland

"My experience with Innovate has been exceptional. They delivered far more than I had expected and in the 3 years since being introduced to them the support is still very active and appreciated. https://www.campingworld.co.uk/en/gb/Gigwam-Tipi-Tent-and-Tunnel/m-8854.aspx"


Katy Leung

"Innovate Design certainly helped us to start our journey, supplying ample information and warnings. We are pleased with them and would recommend others to take advantage of their service. www.bagket.com/"

Seal Wise

Paul Higgins

"Thanks to such a professional service I quickly became familiar with what was needed to be done and Innovate helped me achieve it. The cost was vital as a start-up, but again Innovate helped there too because they know what it’s like to start a company, Alistair the MD has been involved in his own start-ups himself, and he has developed the company ethos to help innovators not hinder. Moving on now we have two companies, one which manufactures using Sealwise (now called Sealwise WCB – waterproof construction board) and another company which sells just the board across the UK and soon to be Europe. www.sealwise.co.uk"

Dizzy Clear

Khalid Bashir

"The team from Innovate has really helped us in understanding the process of how our Dizzyclear Pillow will progress in the market. Their 3D illustrations helped us to visualise our product. We were able to market our product within a few months of initial consultation with Innovate. We are very grateful to Innovate for their massive help. www.dizzyclear.com"

Sink Station

Damon Meredith

"I knew I had to get a good drawing of the idea so went to Innovate, who did a CAD design for me. The CAD images made the product exist virtually before it actually did which enabled me to present my idea to a number of different companies. This means you aren’t just describing it to companies or showing them on an A4 piece of paper with a biro drawing on it, you give them a 3D realistic design of the product so they can see it. It really helped move things along. www.newsoda.co.uk"


Tony Curtis

"My involvement with Innovate has been outstanding. My idea and roughly drawn sketches were turned into great design concepts and boards. They have been great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone starting out. www.alago.co.uk"

Belt Up Kidz

Una Driscoll

"Innovate were very enthusiastic with the concept and helped us progress the idea onto concept boards and drawings suitable for the patent and initial prototyping. We would not be where we are without Innovate."


Kerry Marriot

"Innovate were the right choice for us as they had experience developing products that were actually selling. In the design and sampling process there was never a question we asked that they thought too daft or irrelevant, and for that we really thank them. www.lumipotti.com"

The Moderator

Grant Penfield

"Working with Innovate helped turn my idea from a concept in my head into the product that it is today. The total design process advice from Innovate helped me define the Moderator as a viable product. Prototyping advice was also helpful but I chose to use external companies. A great deal of support from everyone involved at Innovate up to the final stages where their Intellectual Property Attorney gave advice regarding the best approach to gaining Global Patents and Trademarks. Hopefully, The Moderator will be able to help save the lives of those who maybe didn’t realise the damage that they were potentially inflicting upon themselves with their habits. www.themoderator.co.uk"


Tony Brown

"Innovate were very encouraging and professional. Their design focus allowed them to create first rate designs and then CAD models from my idea. Their attention to detail was exemplary as was their advice about how to protect your product. Lastly I found them to be completely trustworthy – your IP is safe in their hands."

Elizabeth Guidry

"In working with Jessica at Innovate Product Design in San Francisco, I found a great resource that assisted me in my new product idea and goals. From inception, IPD, was very responsive, helpful, and clearly stated the details of each phase. IPD was extremely helpful and expeditious in providing me with worldwide patent search data as well as assisted me with the very important next phase, my Design Concept. The quality of the presentation materials is truly professional and working with Andy allowed me to see my product come to life. Overall, the organization is very professional and I would highly recommend IPD to inventors that need support with their ideas. Establishing a partnership with IPD was crucial in obtaining my goals, and continues to be a great networking resource as well."

David Bastidas

"I worked directly with Jessica Vann of Innovate Product Design on an invention I created for my industry. After doing my research on the company, I felt comfortable moving forth to meet with Jessica and their team to work out a plan for my project. From the initial meeting with Innovate, I was given a clear breakdown of the step by step process. They were professional and knowledgeable on the patent guidelines and provided guidance throughout the entire process. We are pleased thus far with our experience working with innovate and look forward to a positive outcome as we move forth with our project."

Putta Pal

Paul Ryder

"I have been extremely impressed with the quality of service provided by Innovate from day one of my involvement. Their design ideas and solutions for my golfing accessory were clever, and the standard of supporting presentation material was excellent. The thoroughness of their market research, together with the advice provided through their marketing report has proved to be critical to the success of my product. The professional, high standard of their presentation material enabled me to approach product manufacturers with confidence supporting my belief in the product. I could not have got my product to market without them. Innovate also designed my website. Again, their commitment and creativeness delivered a product beyond my expectations. I am also highly impressed with their marketing support service now my product is on the market. I have been able to share progress and get professional advice from the Innovate team on ideas for improving success of the product. All the people I worked with were energetic, focused and highly professional with their approach and delivery. I’m truly indebted to the Innovate team. www.puttapal.com"

Easy Adaptive Wear

Geir Holmer

"The team at Innovate were professional, welcoming and helpful from the word go. Robyn, Innovate’s client manager, has continued to support us, always helpful and responsive and shows bags of enthusiasm for what we are doing. From the first phone call and the moment we walked in to the Innovate office, we knew we had picked the right partner. Innovate are consummate professionals with bags of enthusiasm for what they do. www.easyadaptivewear.com"

Gabriella Landini

"I contacted Innovate Design at the end of 2012 with my idea which was a roughly drawn sketch of my product. Innovate turned my idea into a great design concepts and boards. They have certainly helped and guided me all the way through my journey. Helen at Innovate gave me a great deal of support up to the final stages. I have now signed a licensing agreement with a UK company and they are looking to launch my product in the Autumn/Winter of 2014 – watch this space! I would not be where I am today without Innovate Design. I will always be grateful for their remarkable professional service. I would recommend them to anyone starting out."



"I was most impressed with the high standard of professionalism and product output Innovate demonstrated and provided on my project. You are a company that I would highly recommend and I have already been doing so to fellow family and friends that are would-be inventors. I look forward to working with Innovate again on my next big idea!"

Dribble Stop Top

Tracy Wilson

"From initial concept to the recent launch of our new product, we have been supported and encouraged by the Innovate Team. Their knowledge and expertise has played a key part in our journey and we would like to thank Della, Alastair and Pam for the friendly and professional service that they have always shown to us and for their part in making our dream come true! We have already and will continue to highly recommend Innovate Product Design"

Multi Purpose Drying Caddy

Jackki Crotty

"We were happy with quality of the work and ideas that were generated and would recommend you to anyone in our situation. www.cuffclipbag.co.uk"

Nick Green

"The definitive and reliable advice from Innovate Design was of considerable value in deciding how to take my product design to the next stage. The guidance offered enabled me to focus on how to reach out to the market place without compromising IP or my own mission. While the process is continuing, my product has been accepted by a manufacturer and is undergoing further development. All thanks to the mentoring I received through Innovate Design."

Carry Thing

Mary Sheridan

"I found Innovate great to work with and value the honest, no nonsense guidance and support they gave me during the embryonic stages of my project. The artwork they produced was super as were the very useful marketing suggestions. www.carrything.com"

Jacs Baby Carrier

Scott Haslam

"I found the whole process with Innovate Design very smooth, from start to finish. It was refreshing to work with a team that had a clear grasp of the product concept from the outset, and who were able to get on board straight away. The turnaround time for generating high quality concept and design imagery was much quicker than expected, enabling me to move forward and focus on follow on activities. www.jacs-babycarrier.com"

Tub It Safely

Mike Leslie

"Sourced the team through the internet and wanted to visit your office as quickly as I could , I was blown away with the knowledge and enthusiasm the team had, they got my idea straight away and probably exceeded my expectations in the design that was delivered. www.tubitsafely.com"


Sian Ellingworth

"It was a huge relief to meet a company that was able to translate my ideas into reality, in a practical and cost-effective way. The process felt quite low risk, I gained some sound business advice and it was great to have our initial meeting surrounded by examples of their previous clients successes www.buddiestoothpaste.com "


Geoffrey Quinn

"I went to Innovate with my initial idea and they provided me with very professional presentation boards. The follow up material was very well produced and the patent check was the clincher."


Sheldon Peters

"I contacted IPD in 2015 with my initial design. At first thoughts I felt my product would not be practical and would not make it on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. Innovate took on board my idea and turned it into something extraordinary. The vision they used to create my invention made me speechless. IPD done a fantastic job with the Presentation Boards. The product looks amazing on the Presentation Boards. IPD’s Experience, Knowledge, Quality and expertise have played a major part in getting my idea to where it is today. The person I have great Admiration for is Robyn Fairweather. Robyn had been very supportive from the very beginning. She is very professional and extremely helpful and always kept me informed throughout the process. I also have great respect for the entire Innovate team. I would never have got to this stage without their expertise. If anyone has an idea then please approach IPD as you would be in safe hands."

Simon Stepniak

"I found Innovate to be a great help and service. The staff were very professional and informative, keeping me up to speed with proceedings and explaining the jargon which can be confusing. I would use their help again on future projects and recommend their services."

Alan Ash

"Would just like to say thank you to you for your help with patent application, would like to inform you that the IPO are looking to grant patent soon after the 30th of November thank you all for you have done as well as your honesty patience and understanding. So hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year, and god willing I’ll have good news next year with the following stages. Please let all know of my gratitude, you are all in my book of great and wonderfully glorious lovely people."

Smart Door System

Michael Steeples

"I cannot speak highly enough of Innovate, From the first point of contact they have been professional, supportive and responsive to all our questions and requirements. They fully understand what is required to design a successful product and Business, without them we simply would not of got to this point, we would not have a fantastic product designed and run through the Patenting process. They take away all the nonsense and work incredibly hard for you allowing you to focus on your dream. Thank you Innovate you are the foundation our business is built on. Huge thank you to our Project Manager Frank and lead designer Owen! Without you guys I would not of continued with the project, your support throughout has been massively inspirational to us at Mikadan Technology!"

Kitchen Cabinet Levelling Tool

Nick Bunday

"I didn’t know where to go to get the wheels turning to progress my idea. Innovate’s advice, presentation pack with prototype drawings definitely opened doors for me. I don’t know whether the Kitchen Cabinet Levelling Tool would have made it to production without Innovate. I would highly recommend Innovate to other budding inventors."

Bike Blanket

Caroline Mcfarlane

"Innovate were very supportive, they encouraged me with during the design process and their input to the final prototype stages was invaluable. They dedicated their expertise to the product from start to finish. My personal contact with individuals at Innovate was consistent. Innovate are very friendly, approachable and have a passion for a product they believe can succeed."

Lace Brace

Liam Hughes

"I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels overwhelmingly cautious when passing over your invention ideas to a company that you find on the web. However, IPD certainly made me feel at ease from the start and were understanding of my concerns with this. After initial review of my idea, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick things got moving and the help and advice I received was great and certainly put me at ease going through the process."

Pipe Easy

Teirnan Mccorkell

"From the start I felt I was well looked after by Frank at Innovate and felt my invention was in safe hands. Innovate was and are still very easily contactable via phone or email. I will be using innovate again on my next project."

Chibu Bag

Patience Nwodu

"Innovate helped bring my idea to life and provided me with the necessary information and help at every stage, which made the journey bearable."

Wearable Mobile

Linda Little

"I found the team at Innovate both professional and helpful. The demonstration boards and images were very useful for obtaining support in getting the product made."

See Clear

Adam Kenny

"I liked the professionalism of the team at Innovate Product Design. They listened to my concept and helped guide me in the right direction when developing it."

Kitchen Cabinet Levelling Tool

Nick Bunday

"I didn’t know where to go to get the wheels turning to progress my idea. Innovate’s advice, presentation pack with prototype drawings definitely opened doors for me. I don’t know whether the Kitchen Cabinet Levelling Tool would have made it to production without Innovate. I would highly recommend Innovate to other budding inventors."