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Case Study: Shaanti Chunni-Fix

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Jules, a former senior director for an international company, faced a deeply personal and transformative challenge when her brother Vindy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. While caring for him, Vindy encouraged Jules to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit, which led to the creation of the Shaanti Chunni-Fix, a simple yet innovative solution to an age-old fashion problem.

The Problem and inspiration

The Shaanti Chunni-Fix addresses the challenge of keeping a chunni or dupatta in place (long scarf or shawl traditionally worn by women in South Asia) , particularly during visits to places of worship where modesty and respect dictate that the head must be covered. Traditional methods of securing these garments, such as hairgrips or safety pins, often damage the delicate fabrics, while relying on balance alone can lead to embarrassing slips. Inspired by her brother’s encouragement and her own experiences, the inventor set out to design a product that would eliminate the fear, anxiety, and potential damage associated with this cultural practice.

The process

Jules approached Innovate at the very beginning of her project. During Shaanti Chunni-Fix’s design and development phase, she found that collaboration with Innovate played a crucial role in navigating the complexities of patenting, product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. This collaboration facilitated a structured approach to overcoming product development and manufacturing challenges. Innovate’s involvement provided essential support in refining the product concept and ensuring its viability for market launch, emphasising a factual and straightforward contribution to the project’s progression.

With Innovate’s assistance, Jules learned the ins and outs of the manufacturing process, building strong relationships with both the Innovate team and the manufacturer. This collaborative approach was instrumental in overcoming delays and ensuring the successful creation of the Shaanti Chunni-Fix.

The outcome and future plans

The Shaanti Chunni-Fix is now a reality, with a patent granted and a growing presence on social media aimed at driving awareness and sales. The inventor’s future plans include expanding the product line to address other everyday fashion challenges and developing a children’s version of the Shaanti Chunni-Fix. This journey has not only resulted in a successful product but has also been a journey of personal growth and development for the inventor.

“During the final stages of bringing the product to market, it became clear to me that this product was no longer just the ‘Shaanti Jewels Chunni-Fix’. This has become ‘The Shaanti Jewel’: a product transcending different cultures from the chunni-fix to embellishing the hijab or simply adorning the hair! At the crux of it, this remains a product which resolves everyday fashion challenges to bring about calm, control and style.” says Jules.


Jules’s highlight was working with Innovate to see her vision come to life. The arrival of the first prototypes was a pivotal moment, sparking further innovation and the desire to improve the product.

Jules’s advice to others embarking on a similar path is clear: believe in your idea, avoid procrastination, and trust the process.


“Working alongside Innovate to develop my idea of resolving an age-old fashion challenge and bring it to market has been the most unique experience to date. I can honestly say we have formed a partnership in which I feel supported, encouraged, respected, and valued.” Jules Holait

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