Case Study: Den

Client: Yasser Khattak


Twitter & Facebook: @DenAutomation

The Project

Den is an intelligent light switch controlled via a range of remotes, sensors, and a smartphone application. Whether it’s on or off, you no longer have to control your switch from its fixed location. Den not only adds convenience, but reduces energy consumption, and creates a safer environment for the family with its ‘occupancy sensor’ and ‘cut off power’ option. Den currently have a patent pending on their unique switching mechanism.

The Process

The idea first came about in 2011; Yasser Khattak (CEO of Den) was reading a book late one night whilst studying for his GCSEs. When Yasser had finished studying, he did not want to get out of bed to turn off the light. When searching how to patent his idea, Yasser approached Innovate Product Design, who first conducted a worldwide patent search to see if the idea was original in thought. Secondly, Innovate helped Yasser visualise his product, before helping him to apply for a patent in 2012.

Aged 18, Yasser dropped out of school during A levels; this allowed him to focus on building Den full-time. In 2013, Yasser went in search of relevant industries. He then met a company whom he worked closely with to build a demo rig that he could show to media and investors.

Eventually, in 2016, Den received international publicity from Bloomberg TV, Sky News, The Financial Times, The Guardian, and the BBC. Julian Nebreda, the Vice President of a multibillion pound global energy provider, invested in Den. He brought with him huge amounts of knowledge and global customer outreach. Furthermore, Den hired Bob Watkins (ex Amstrad CEO who worked with Alan Sugar for 25 years) as Managing Director.

Den are now in the process of raising £2.5m with £1.6m already secured (bringing their total fundraising to £2.8m).

The Result

Now 21, Yasser has a team of 15 people working for Den. The team intends to bring Den’s user-friendly experience to the world, by striving towards a mass market solution. Yasser expressed he is not focusing on fancy high-end products, targeted at the wealthy home owner. Instead, Yasser and his team have designed a range of affordable products, with a mission to create an energy efficient world.

Den are currently in talks with British Gas, with whom they are discussing a UK partnership to integrate Den products into their existing connected home product, Hive. The objective is to build the product into new build houses, so that the Den system is built in from the beginning. They are now in talks with Berkeley Homes, one of the UK’s largest homebuilders.

Den have now received investment via their Seedrs Crowd Funding Campaign in order to start selling Den products in the UK. In the near future, Yasser is looking to grow Den across Europe and the USA.

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Yasser said:

“We’re currently getting prepared to launch our products to serve millions around the world. We will be launching products onto the market very soon.”