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Case Study: Dental Wand

Product Name: Dental Wand

Product Protection: Design rights in the UK and EU

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The Dental Wand is a new product that makes brushing a cat’s teeth easy and stress-free. Early on, Victor Carpio, the inventor, did some extensive research into feline behaviour and dentistry that helped him to design a product that engages a cat’s predatory instincts and makes brushing a positive experience. The goal is to reduce the number of cats suffering from periodontal disease, which affects 85% of cats in the UK.


The Problem:

Periodontal disease is a common problem among cats, and it can be prevented through daily brushing. However, most cat owners find it challenging to brush their cat’s teeth, leading to a high number of cats suffering from dental pain. The Dental Wand was created to resolve this problem by making it easier for cat owners to brush their cat’s teeth.


The Challenges:

The main challenge in developing the Dental Wand was proving the concept. It took several prototypes and beta tests with different cats to ensure the product worked as intended. Additionally, the team had to ensure that the cat’s welfare was not negatively affected. They sought the help of members of the International Cat Care Well-being Panel to review their design and usage instructions. Another challenge was manufacturing the product and finding a suitable manufacturer who understood the concept and could produce the product to the required standard.


Experience with Innovate:

Innovate was instrumental in turning the Dental Wand from an idea into a physical product. The team at Innovate helped with brainstorming, suggesting materials, mechanisms, and design amendments that would make the product work. They were open to feedback and provided a welcoming environment where the Dental Wand team felt comfortable sharing their ideas.



Victor opted to self-manufacture the product with a manufacturer that works closely with Innovate. They understood the concept and could produce the product to the required standard.



The Dental Wand is an innovative product that solves a common problem among cat owners. It makes brushing a cat’s teeth easy and stress-free, leading to better dental health for cats. The team behind the Dental Wand overcame several challenges to bring the product to market. They received help from Innovate and members of the International Cat Care Well-being Panel. With design rights in the UK and EU, the Dental Wand is set to make a positive impact on the lives of cats and their owners.

Victor’s advice to other entrepreneurs is that when beginning to develop an idea, you need to protect it and start getting feedback. Even if you are still at the concept stage, you can start selling.



“Innovate allows people who have no experience in design to develop an idea. This process can seem very daunting and sometime more than you can chew but thankfully Innovate have a great team which are really friendly and best of all knowledgeable, which allows you to be less afraid to take the first step.” – Victor

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