Esmé Amore Superstay Tights

Case Study: Esmé Amore Superstay Tights

Client: Dawn Taaffe

Product Protection: Patent granted



The Project

Revolutionary function for tights.  Superstay Tights have a hidden Silicone band around the thighs which hold them in place to stop sagging/falling down. The Tights not only have the unique hold function of the silicone band but have an aesthetic appeal with the choice of a Lace or Satin band for a feminine and glamourous look. Esmé Amore Superstay Tights will give women added confidence and comfort knowing their tights will stay in place throughout the day.

The Process

Tights sagging is a well know problem amongst women. Dawn had her light-bulb moment when she was wearing opaque tights and hated the feeling of them sagging. It took a year for Dawn from having the idea to approach Innovate. “Innovate Design gave me the platform to progress my project with the confidence of knowing my idea was safe.” Once Innovate had conducted a worldwide patent search, helped apply for a patent and constructed 3D concept images of the product, Dawn was able to find an excellent manufacturer in Italy. He was prepared to help her progress her concept idea to the finished product. The area in Italy is renowned for its hosiery industry. Dawn had a first batch of 100 products made as she wanted to test her market. The feedback from potential buyers was really positive and encouraged her to carry on.

The Lesson Learnt

There have been a few hurdles and setbacks during the process. In 2015 Dawn attended an exhibition of Manufacturers in the UK and found  a Tights Company who were willing to help her find a manufacturer. Unfortunately they were unable to assist and Dawn had to find her own contacts herself. As well as looking for a manufacturer, Dawn tried to licence her product. She found a company who was really interested, however after month of negotiations and promises the company pulled out. “In hindsight I should have asked for some kind of written commitment and would advise anyone else in the same position to do so to ensure precious time is not wasted.” advised Dawn.

The Result

Today,  Dawn is very pleased with the results of her luxury product. Tried and tested over the last year, this unique silicon band holds the tights in place making them different to anything else on the market. She has found very good support from her manufacturer in Italy and Dawn is now selling her product from her own website She is also in contact with a reputable tights distributor, Pamela Mann, who can help her to get into large department stores. “I did not have the finances at the beginning.  I have always believed since my light-bulb moment that there was a need in the market for my idea. I have had the passion to continue to progress my project despite setbacks of not having the money behind me when I first started. It has taken a number of years but I have not wanted to give up on turning my idea into reality and having my product available for all women to experience the new great feeling when wearing tights. I know I have just started in my business but every choice that I made has definitely not been rushed; it has taken over 3 years to date. I have made choices to deal with various companies, such as Innovate Design, Patent Lawyers, Web builders, Photographers, Manufacturers, with a lot of time and research spent, but also through the gut feeling of who to trust to help the idea become reality.” Dawn Taaffe, Inventor of  Superstay Tights.

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