Pacfinity’s Hatpac

Product name: Hatpac Product protection in place: Patent pending in the UK and US Registered Design In up to 60 Countries including the UK and US TM (Hatpac) pending in the UK, US Product website:         The Hatpac is a plastic ancillary case for storing, displaying, and transporting up to three baseball style caps to protect from dust, dirt and damage.

The Background

Wherever you go in the city, you’ll see baseball caps everywhere. For years its become a feature piece in many wardrobes, and don’t we all know someone that won’t go anywhere without one? Hat enthusiast and property developer Marcus Hamilton was no different, with his collection becoming impressive. With interest, comes inspiration. Marcus saw the problems he was having with his collection; dust, damage and odour, and he saw a gap in the market for his solution – Hatpac. He wanted to fix these problems in an all encompassing novel way whilst taking care to consider storage, display and transport. Having the idea, but not yet the tools to go forward, Marcus contacted Innovate.

Working with Innovate

Marcus and Jack Hamilton worked with Innovate for the whole process of idea to manufacture, working closely with the designers to explore and define the final design of Hatpac. ‘As our first foray into product design, Innovate provided us with much help, support, and enthusiasm from the beginning of our project to the end. The service that Innovate provided helped us in the process tremendously.’ With the idea and intention clear for everyone, the first steps were to delve into the design and aesthetic possibilities to show some different options. It was clear that the now sleek silhouette cap shape was the favourite, so this design was pursued, tested, created and finalised until ready for manufacture. Within this time, Innovate helped them apply for their patent. ‘The process included regular communication through phone calls and emails, along with several meetings over a period of a few years.’

Out on their own

Marcus chose the route of self-manufacture, but hasn’t ruled out a licensing deal in the future. ‘After finishing the process with Innovate, we set about finding a manufacturer to produce our Hatpac product at a reasonable cost.’ Once some standard final alterations were made, the Hatpac production was underway and they could start work on building the brand of their company, Pacfinity, of which Marcus is Creative Director. A registered design was also applied for once finalising the design in the UK and Internationally, currently granted in the UK, US, all EU, Norway, Turkey and Armenia.. also pending in 29 other countries. We think that’s pretty impressive.

Inventor to Inventor

Marcus was honest about the challenges involved in this journey, such as the careful dodging of existing patents and designs yet still managing to create a novel product; also learning that you may have to simplify a design to lower manufacturing costs. All of these are important lessons that any inventor would learn along the way, but as you will agree, seem worth it judging by the impressive outcome of the hard work. ‘I feel the biggest success with the product has been in bringing it to fruition. The journey from a dream to reality – The immaterial to material…’ As someone very familiar with the process of dream-to-reality, Marcus has shared some advice for other inventors who find themselves in his shoes (or hat):

  1. Be patient
  2. Invest in the best product design services available to you
  3. Be open minded throughout the creative process.

Where next?

“Pacfinity as a brand is now my main focus in regards to business.” says Marcus 

“Experiencing the process of creating the Hatpac from a thought to reality, has inspired my creative path into Product and Industrial Design. As the Creative Director at Pacfinity I’m currently overseeing the development of several new and innovative products which I’m really excited about launching in 2021 and the near future!”

  If, like Marcus, you have an idea but not sure what to do next, send your idea in today for a free review.