Hubani skincare

Hubani skincare is a new beauty product – a bamboo biodegradable, exfoliating mitt with an internal soap pouch.

Patent pending

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Starting out launching the new beauty product  – Hubani skincare – 

Founder Nyoca Robinson has suffered with poor hand mobility after an accident as a teenager. Coupled with having trigger finger bath times were particularly difficult when her hand would stiffen up and be quite painful.

Hubani’s new product is designed to address the difficulties some may have when trying to wash independently. These challenges include those with little hand mobility, stroke survivors, arthritis suffers. During a trial, it was found to be exceptionally beneficial for children who were learning to wash themselves.

One parent has called the product “ground-breaking”.

Hubani is formulated out of eco-friendly materials that are one hundred percent biodegradable. The exfoliating mitt is great for promoting blood flow resulting in the renewal of the outer skin. Cleansing and removing dead skin allows for detoxification and a healthy glow. Nyoca claims skin improvements can be seen after thirty days of using Hubani.

“Taking the step to contact Innovate and developing my idea has been my biggest success so far.”

Challenges faced creating a new beauty product – Hubani skincare – 

Along with any new product venture come challenges. For Nyoca, sourcing materials for Hubani that echoed her brand was one. The whole idea of Hubani was to be 100% biodegradable and natural. On her search for materials and samples, many of the sponges consisted of plastic polymer which was no good. After just under a year, Nyoca found the materials and design she could use to make her idea a reality.

Working with Innovate Design

Nyoca sent her new beauty product idea of Hubani to us here at Innovate and met with a client manager. She came away with different routes to take the idea and the excitement building!

We conducted a worldwide patent search to ensure Nyoca’s idea didn’t already exist or have a patent. Our specialist fabric department worked with Nyoca to develop the concept and provide a prototype. After this we were able to provided her with a ‘Request for Quotation’ pack to send straight to manufacturers to get some quotes and after this provide a cost model analysis.

Hubani has got a patent pending and has filed for the full application with the IP office.

Here at Innovate Design we can also provided a Business Development research report, Nyoca took advantage of this and began to make a start on building contacts for her business.

Future plans

Nyoca has joined The Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) to learn more about starting a business. After completing several masterclasses, she is now able to grow her brand with confidence and understand what needs to be done moving forward and how to do it. To be a brand that has a household name, known for being ethical, natural, honest, and innovative is the aim. It is great to see beauty products being brought to the skincare and beauty industry.


“I initially had reservations as I didn’t know much about Innovate and thought: ‘I’m handing my idea over to strangers!’ but it was one of the best choices I made!”

“They have been so helpful and from the moment I spoke with Gabrielle, there was instant trust. I was encouraged to try and complete some tasks myself using resources of templates and links. Gabrielle was as invested in me as she was in the idea, which demonstrated how it was not about how much money she could get out of me but genuinely about developing my idea. I would say without question Innovate was a fantastic investment.”