Case Study: Occles

Client: Lynne McLeod &  Hugh Robertson

Facebook: Occles

Twitter name: @occlesltd 

Occles Travel  Eyewear, block all light to the eyes in a clever bridge less wraparound style, these are the Ultimate in eyewear. It allows the eyes to experience total relaxation in strong light, either sunlight on a beach or on a flight. Occles has PCT pending 2016 (USA, UK, EU, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, UAE, RUSSIAN FEDERATION), Registered design – Worldwide- 2015 and Registered TM- UK

The Project

Lynne and Hugh had their light-bulb moment when lying on a beach in Greece trying to rest and have an afternoon nap in strong sunshine. They came up with the idea to block out total sunlight and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

The Process

After finding Innovate and conducting a worldwide patent search, Lynne and Hugh realised there was no other product that delivered the benefits of total light blocking for the eyes in a practical design. Together with the Innovate team, they were able to create, design and CAD models her idea. This resulted in photo-realistic images that showed what the final product would look like and how it would work. They decided to self manufacture and after having undertaken a successful crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, they took Occles into production at the start of 2015. You can now purchase your Occles Travel Eyewear via their website.

What Next?

  • Direct response television (DRTV) in US.
  • Getting airside retail in US to take Occles.
  • Alliance Boots in Europe to take Occles.
  • Then getting category 2 compliance as a sunbed accessory for uv protection and rolling Occles out to the 3 million regular sunbed users in the US Integrating technology in to future Occles designs and bringing other designs out based on specific market sectors. They are the worlds first bridge less eyewear that works.


“We approached Innovate Design at the very start of our idea they grasped the concept of Occles immediately  and  helped produce fabulous visuals, graphic boards of our product which are still highly received today a few years on.  We were also given lots of sound information about patents and routes to market. The team have proven to have a genuine interest in our success, we have moved on from requiring their input but they still keep in touch and support us through their social media, I am really impressed with their follow up work with their clients. ” Lynne McLeod For more information on the self manufacturing process click here