INSIGHT Vehicle Sign System

Product name: INSIGHT Vehicle Sign System

Product protection in place: Registered design

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Insight promotes the visibility and therefore safety of learner and newly qualified drivers.

The Insight Vehicle Sign System could be used for any other signage on a vehicle, where visibility is key.

You’re driving down a busy road, the pace slows and you see the car in front is slowing everyone down. Along with other drivers, you’re frustrated at the hold-up! Sound familiar? Phillip Thorpe was in this situation driving around a one-way system in Guildford a few years ago, but saw that the car in front was a learner. He realised that the only person who would be aware of this would be the car directly behind, who can see their L-plates. That’s when Phillip had an idea. He wanted to make drivers aware of learner drivers in advance, to save the frustration and increase consideration for the new drivers. Phillip approached Innovate with an idea, and a problem to be solved.

Our designers and client managers worked with Phillip to research and visualise his product, a plastic L-plate that hooks onto the passenger window (driver side), which instantly increases visibility and awareness. Phillip also applied for a registered design on the INSIGHT system, which is now granted.  

Getting it off the ground

Phillip’s next step was to approach companies who would be interested in his idea, and help take it further. This is where the hard work starts for an Inventor, but can be amazingly rewarding, as Phillip was to find out. He first approached a leading company that deals with vehicle and road testing. It ended up not being well suited to them, but Phillip received some great feedback and a recommendation to approach Encocam, one of their suppliers. Encocam are known for innovation and product development in road safety, so seemed the perfect match.

Following Innovate’s advice, Phillip emailed them, and asked them to sign an NDA. He then met with Encocam, including people from marketing, engineers and directors. He made his pitch with the presentation boards Innovate had designed, and it was a success. He secured a licensing deal. His idea and presentation won them over, but some changes had to be made to ensure safety regulations were adhered to. For example, the round design was changed to a square with rounded corners. The design also needed to be simplified to be cost effective for the consumer. He kept in close contact with his partners at Encocam while the product was developed further.

The result

Phillip is really pleased with the progress so far, and personally would recommend other aspiring inventors to strive for a licencing agreement too.

“Try for a deal on a royalty basis. You take a percentage but incur minimal costs”.

The Insight Vehicle Sign System is being sold at and Phillip receives royalties for every sale they make. Phillip’s future plans for the product are to expand Insight to other applications e.g. Baby on Board, Doctor on Call and Disabled Driver. We think this is a great idea and a fantastic example of minimal cost input making great results. 

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