KnifeLock is designed to protect vulnerable individuals from the potential harm of kitchen knives.

Starting out 

Mike became inspired to create this safety product when his wife expressed her concern of having dangerous products easily accessible to intruders. A unique set of keys are the only way to unlock the block giving peace of mind for all, protecting children or pets who are more likely to be around daily. It is also possible to have the block on a latch which allows you to replace knives while the system is locked. The block also contains a chef knife, carving knife, bread knife, steak knife and paring knife.

There are three different materials and finishes to choose from, acacia wood, bamboo and midnight black. After a very successful kickstart campaign, Innovate Design are currently helping Mike finalise manufacturing for sales online in the UK to start from the new year.

KnifeLock currently has a patent in the UK and the USA, a European registered design, and a UK Trademark pending.


The blocks are made from renewable wooden materials and have been built-to-last. Though the knives cannot be easily recycled they can be re-sharpened and last a lifetime with proper maintenance. The blocks themselves are fully recyclable as they can be unscrewed and materials separated for recycling.

Working with Innovate Design

Here at Innovate, we took Mike’s design and developed a prototype that was then ready to go to manufacture and assisted with all the associated steps involved with this. The main challenge that Mike came across with his product was the technical difficulties of developing a functioning locking mechanism.

“The team led by Alex Bell and James McInerny have delivered my vision for a product helping me to overcome technical and commercial issues and I look forward to continuing a rewarding partnership with Innovate in the future.”

Looking to the future Mike would like to develop a full range of safety products for the kitchen so stay tuned for more great safety gadgets to follow!