Liberty Nail Bar

“We are very pleased with the Innovate results. The work they put in has saved me an immense amount of time and cost when approaching manufacturers for Liberty Nail Bar.”

The perfect way to organise and decorate your fake nails

Patent Granted in the UK

Product Website: Your Personal Nail Bar | Liberty Nail Bar


Starting out

Founder Eden Yorke saw a gap in the market for a portable nail bar. When travelling abroad, he noticed the struggles his wife and many others faced preparing their holiday nails! When there’s not enough time to go to a salon, many opt for stick-on, fake nails. This comes with the battle of sorting through them to find the right size for your nails.

Eden wanted to create a portable nail bar with separate boxes to organise each nail size making them easier to apply. In many cases, to change the nail colour results in having to buy more plastic nails which is wasteful and can get expensive. Eden created a way his wife could re-paint her nails with ease.

During the initial stages of design, Eden stuck double-sided tape on lolly sticks to hold the nail in place to paint but found they weren’t very stable when put down. To stop the nail varnish from getting smudged, he decided to drill ten holes into a scrap of wood and inserted the sticks into them. This gave a more stable tool to paint the nails and let them dry without getting damaged or needing to be held in place.

This was a game-changer for his wife Jane, who could now paint her nails whatever colour she wanted and change them on the go!

Working with Innovate

Eden acknowledged that one of the challenges he faced was not knowing what the product should really look like. Our design team helped Eden fine-tune the design to make it ready for manufacture and developed the packaging and branding. Our Intellectual Property team helped Edan draft his patent which is now granted in the UK.

Finding a manufacturer was particularly difficult due to the pandemic so we created a Request for Quotation (RFQ) pack. This helped Eden request pricing from a UK moulding company and after a visit to their factory, he placed his first production order. Eden set up a website and organised a fulfillment company to ship products for him.

“We are very pleased with the Innovate results. The work they put in has saved me an immense amount of time and cost when approaching manufacturers.”

The future for Liberty Nail Bar

Looking ahead, Eden would love to see Liberty Nail Bar become available in different colours and materials. In addition, building their range to offer false nails, varnishes, decorating tools and storage options.

Having completed the experience, Eden outlined the importance of doing your research and discovering your customer base and competitors. Eden has said to aspiring entrepreneurs to be prepared to work long hours too.

“Defend your idea but also be prepared to compromise! It is a rollercoaster experience, push through the setbacks and learn from them.”